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Top Indoor Plants For The Urban Living

Living in a condominium unit or a small apartment, particularly in a big city, or what we call urban living, has its advantages, but can also pose a number of environmental stresses to many. There’s the crowd, pollution, the extra heat, a cramp indoor space, and more. These are the many factors that would make you think twice of pursuing a plant parent life.

Most of the people who chose to live in the urban area has been immune to its environment. Plants, however, are a different story. There a bunch of greens, but not all are capable of surviving the stress of small spaces in the metro. There are still, though, are a range of options that can handle the living arrangement.

To make it to our list of the top indoor plants for the urban living, they should be of low maintenance and can survive some neglect and amount of interior stress and space.



Who doesn’t want to include common succulents such as Cactus in your living space? They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they’re cute, brings spice to your interior, and fairly easy to care for. You only have to water them once a week, can place by the window for some sunlight, and still holds up even in the winter.


Paddle Plant

Another type of succulent that you should have at home is a unique-shaped Paddle Plant. Doing well indoors as it can handle some light and dry air during the winter season.  

Spider Plant

Don’t freak out or be fooled by its name, definitely, a Spider Plant is one of those you can count on and should get if you plan to build a mini indoor garden and ensure their long survival. Planning to go on a longer trip and are worried these plants will die?

spider plant

Weeping Fig

Looking for a plant that you won’t have to water every now and then? Weeping Fig is a bundle of green joy that is an option for your busy, urban style.

Swiss Cheese Plant

The cool-looking Swiss Cheese Plant will certainly add some chill vibe to your urban hub and help promote a greener Earth. It can thrive even in low lights and artificial lighting and a few watering.

swiss cheese plant

Red Prayer Plant

The Red Prayer Plant with its dark green and red veins leaves is aesthetically-pleasing in the interior and is low maintenance.  


Zebra Plant

Haworthia or Zebra Plant is quite small and is perfect for both open and contained spaces. That’s why it’s also considered as a low maintenance plant because it can be placed in low light and watering making it easy to maintain.

zebra plant

Bird’s Nest Fern

This unique but presentable large, glossy plant is ideal to hang or place in bathrooms and small office space. The Bird’s Nest Fern can survive even in low-light, making it ideal to have at home.

bird's nest plant

Ficus Bonsai Tree

Indoor pot or hanging plants are considered as small trees, but this cute Japanese plant art Ficus Bonsai Tree imitates a standard tree, just tinier. It’s an ideal choice for urban dwellers since it’s also low maintenance and can survive a warm environment.


Cast-Iron Plant

If you want a tough but gorgeous-looking plant that can withstand the minimal hydration, poor soil, and low light, then a Cast-Iron Plant is perfect for your apartment.


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Devil’s Ivy Pothos

An indoor plant that you will love to have in your space is the heart-shaped, multi-colored, Devil’s Ivy Pothos. It can bear even the lowest of light source, so there’s no harm in placing it in your dim spaces or rooms.

devil's ivy pothos

Arrowhead Vines

Living in a damp, humid city could be a problem for most indoor plant parents, but that’s not the case with attractive, bushy Arrowhead Vines. They definitely love the weather and damp soil.


Snake Plant

The dark leafy Snake Plant is a common indoor house plant to own because even when abandoned for weeks, it can still stand and survive the condition very low light, water, and poor soil. It also helps purify the air by eliminating the toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde surrounding your living space.

 snake plant

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Rattlesnake Plant

This beautiful Rattlesnake Plant with the shades and patterns of purple, red, and green is hard to miss. It doesn’t require much light and water as long as you place it in a perfect environment for this is in the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere in the house where it’s mostly humid.


Turn your boring, lifeless apartment into a bundle of joy with these top indoor plants for the urban living. By the way, if you have a backyard and have ample space for planting, then you can venture on how to start gardening with these basic tools.  

Now is the best time to transform your hub into a mini jungle where you can find some solace and fresh air in the middle of the metro.