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Pro Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Neat

It is important to keep our house clean and neat, especially the heart of our home, which is the kitchen. It is a place where most of the delicious action and delectable memories happen. This is where the meals are prepared to fill not just our tummy but also our heart and soul. That’s the main reason why you have to take good care of it. Cleanliness and tidiness are what makes a great and healthy kitchen, which in turn will keep your loved ones healthy as well.

Here are some of the pro tips to keep your kitchen clean and neat.


Develop A Clean-Immediately-After Habit

If you wipe the counters after prepping, the stove after cooking, and the table after eating, then your kitchen life will be easier. It will eventually save time in making things clean and neat, as well as prevent counters and tables from having hard-to-remove stains, molds, and other problems.


Throw Leftovers First

Remember to throw away big and tiny leftovers from the plates before putting them in the sink for easy washing and avoid clogging.


Keep The Sink Empty

Like what we said about the habit of clean immediately after, wash the dishes after cooking or eating. Fill them with water and a bit of dishwashing soap if you have to wait longer, so stains won’t harden. You can use stainless steel cups at home so they’re easier to clean and store.

 clean kitchen sink


Keep Kitchen Towels / Wipes Handy

It’s easier to deal with splatters, spills, and stains if kitchen towels or cleaning wipes are reachable. After cooking, wipe the counter, sink, and floor. Wash your hands and wipe them with clean kitchen towels to you won’t spread the germs around.


Have A Cleaning Spray Nearby

Every little mess in the kitchen can be a big deal if not cleaned right away. Aside from wet wipes, you can keep a bottle of homemade spray cleaner and a cloth to instantly spritz and wipe the grime, crumbs, and mess on countertops, tables, handles, and kitchen appliances after cooking or eating.

 cleaning spray


Use Vacuum Instead of Broom

It’s easier, faster, and more convenient to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the crumbs, food liters, and hard-to-reach dirt instead of using the traditional broom.


Place Floor Mats in Front of Sink and Stove

Aside from vacuum, you can use floor mats to catch crumbs while prepping and cooking. This will ensure that fallen crumbs stay in one place to avoiding spreading across the floor.


Cover Food When Microwaving

This will prevent food from splattering while being heated in the microwave. The key here is fewer stains.


Wrap Oil Bottles

Wrap your cooking oil bottles tightly with a paper towel and a rubber band. This is to keep them clean and prevent from getting grimy that can attract pests.


Prepare Most of the Weekly Ingredients in Advance

You’ll save chunks of time and cleaning efforts by prepping most of the ingredients you need for the week, rather than doing them every single time. It’s better to clean a huge mess once than to clean smaller ones every day. Keep your chopped and minced greens fresh by putting them in separate airtight containers or huge ice cube trays with a lid, and putting them in the fridge.

 chopped ingredients


Use A Chopping Board

Avoid working directly on top of your counter, as it can damage the structure. Use a bamboo cutting board in chopping or cutting vegetables, fruits, and meat, or a parchment paper when making pastries.


Keep Trash / Garbage Bin Accessible

Always have a trash bin near you when preparing and cooking. It can prevent a further mess by throwing stuff immediately and save time as well. Place a newspaper on the bottom of the bin to catch drips and avoid odors.


Empty Trash Can Regularly

This is the norm, though others forget to clean out the trash after a long day. You don’t want your kitchen to be smelly and covered with flies, do you?


Clean The Fridge

Clean your refrigerator every time you need to put in new items from the grocery. Empty the fridge, wipe the surfaces, and put the new food items first, then the old ones so you can consume them first. Scrub the fridge with dishwashing liquid and water at least once a month.

clean refrigerator


Use Tablecloth / Towel on Top of the Fridge

The top of your refrigerator collects dust. So, if you put most of your condiments and cereal boxes there, be sure to place a table cloth or towel on top of the fridge first, then change them every week.


Store Similar Kitchen Equipment

Your kitchen equipment should be organized and stored accordingly so that it’s easier for you to find and put them in proper storages. You should separate utensils, cutting equipment, baking tools, plates, bowls, pans and pots, food items, and condiments in different drawers, cabinets, storage containers, and spaces.  

 utensils in the drawer


Have a Daily Kitchen Tidying Routine

Even if you didn’t prep or cook for the day, maintain the state of your kitchen by keeping it clean and tidy.


A clean kitchen is a reflection of how good you are in maintaining a house and preparing a proper meal. If you follow these pro tips, for sure you’ll have an easier time to clean and manage your kitchen.