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12 Winter Decor Ideas that Will Wow Your Guests

Winter is here, and what better thing to do but to transform your home into a winter-themed wonder hub. This can be achieved by styling your home with decors suitable for the winter season. Winter decors are available almost anywhere, and it can be a hit or miss. Truth be told, there are no perfect decors that will completely stun everyone, but some creative ideas can go a long way, depending on the style you want to achieve this season. Actually, minimalism with a punch is gaining more popularity than an overly colored and decorated setting. In short, nowadays, less is more. If you want to impress people who comes over, then here are twelve winter décor ideas that will wow your guests once they step inside your home.


1. Sweater Pillows

Sweaters are not just for wearing, but also for decorating your living area. If you have old sweaters that you don’t use anymore, then now is the best time to bring them out of your closet and use them as pillow cases for your pillows. The look of this winter décor idea will create an inviting warm and cozy feel for the guests especially in a chilly weather.

sweater pillows

2. Rustic Candles

As simple as it is, using rustic candles is another winter décor idea that can exude warmth around the house, including your guests. Create a warm and glowing atmosphere once you light those rustic candles under a snowy season.

rustic candles

3. Succulents

Houseplants, primarily succulents, are for all seasons, including winter, and an easy go-to winter décor. Use them to your advantage by potting them elegantly using glass pots, white, silver or metallic-colored pots, and placing them on the center table, above the fireplace, on top of the drawers, shelves, or near the windows. The greens are easy to care for and induces comfort to guests.


4. White Mantel

Make your mantel simple but elegant. This is a winter themed decorating idea for the home you can easily turn into a masterpiece. You can place some white scented candles and metallic pots or ornaments to accentuate the look of your stunning mantel.


5. Winter-Looking Fabric Decors

Almost everyone knows that fabric is an essential (probably the biggest) part of the winter season. So why not consider it as part of your winter décor ideas and bring it to life. Imagine adding seasonal, winter-colored fabric to your throws, tablecloths, and others that will offer a warmer, cozier feel.


6. Winter Pallet Box

Wood or earth colors are a great addition to your winter decors. Displaying pallet boxes with decorated mason jars on your coffee table, dresser, dining table, and mantel can add flavor to your space and will surely impress your guests.


7. Metallic Mirrors

You should use mirrors to your advantage. Create a simple yet elegant, eye-catching winter décor by placing mirrors with its metallic frame around the house.


8. Light Curtains

Winter may seem gloomy but you can brighten up your home by letting more natural light in. Ditch heavily dark-colored or too vibrant curtains, rather, use light colored (preferably white) ones so more natural light can get in.

white curtains

9. Winter-Themed Dinner Table

The dinner table is the heart of every gathering between your family and guests. This is where you place your holiday food, eat sumptuous meal, share stories, and more. This is also where your invited guests will notice how wonderful and elegant your table is. Creating a winter-themed dinner table is anything from placing in your smooth linen napkin, to using metallic wares and decors, to putting on shimmery candlesticks to bring in more life to the table. You can check out these 10 Budget-Friendly Christmas Recipes that everyone will enjoy.

winter theme dinner table

10. Sweater Wreath

Bring your old sweaters out and make a sweater wreath that will catch the attention of your guests as they stand in front of the door. Cut your old sweaters in strips, use some straws and pine cones to create a sweater wreath.


11. Glossy, Metallic Centerpiece

Rather than using your usual past season centerpiece, why not try a more classic, kind of minimalist but attention-grabbing one that your guests will definitely notice. Use metallic tones, glossy finish, or gold ornaments such as vase that you can place in your hallways, living room, dining area, and kitchen.


12. Cozy Outdoor Patio

Make your outdoor patio inviting and cozy on a chilly weather, by placing thicker fabric or sweater-made table cloth, blankets, and pillows. Add some candles as table centerpiece to make the environment a bit warmer and more vibrant. These simple tricks will make your guests feel comfortable and they would want to stay longer in your patio. Another trick to make everyone’s heart warm this cold season is by preparing some comfort food for the winter.

cozy patio

This is the season to give some nice touches to your home and will definitely entertain your guests when you invite them to come over. The secret to impressing them is by following these elegant but simple winter décor ideas.