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Foods You Can Grow at Home This Summer

Summer is here, which means planting and growing your garden even more with these food plants and crops perfect for the hot season. Most of the time, the healthiest and most delicious greens you can eat are the ones grown at home. Freshly picked veggies and fruits from your garden are incomparable to the veggies and fruits you buy from the grocery stores.

Some people thought that food gardening requires a lot of work, but many food plants are easy to grow especially in the warm season.

Get your gardening tools ready coz’ here are some of the foods you can grow at home this summer.



First in the list are tomatoes, as they have been a part of your so many dishes and sandwiches, so why not plant more of them in the garden this summer. Besides, these pinkish, yellowish, or greenish rounds are the easiest to grow this hot season, either in containers or soil, as long as you provide them good soil, organic compost, water, and plenty of sunlight. Ripe tomatoes contain fiber, vitamins B6, C, and K, and biotin, and are antioxidants.


Bell peppers

Ah…you must love your pizzas, sandwiches, tacos, salads, soups, and pan-cooked dishes because of bell peppers. These easy to grow food is perfect to cultivate in your garden in the summer. One great thing about bell peppers is they garden pest resistant. Have a bountiful of homegrown bell peppers in your backyard.

bell peppers


Your simple beans are also simple and easy to grow and produce especially this summer. Plus, they are packed with major nutrients such as protein, fiber, B-vitamins, and iron. Ensure that your soil is warm and has good drainage and has enough planting area to grow.



Your favorite peas are easy to grow as well in summer. Starting them in seed trays is the best way to do it. You can regrow and replant them every year by cutting off their shoots.



One of the main veggies found in your salads is cucumbers. These water-filled, fiber-rich, vitamin-rich, crunchy, easy to prepare, and tasty veggies. They also need plenty of sunlight and hydration, so you know what more to give them.


Summer Spinach

Remember Popeye’s popular catchphrase? He’s strong to the finish coz’ he eats his spinach. This actually holds true since it contains nitrates to boost muscle strength.  Perfect for fitness enthusiasts who also love to garden, this is your chance to grow some of these Malabar or red-stemmed spinach.

summer spinach


The silky texture of okra makes it a unique ingredient in your healthy dishes. Be sure to place your okra seeds or cuttings in starter grow cubes or a consistently warm, well-drained soil and that receives plenty of sunlight to ensure its proper growth.


Summer Squash

Squash is not just for fall but for summer as well. Planting summer squash in 70 degrees or higher Fahrenheit of soil is a must to achieve

summer squash


One of the easy to grow summer root crops are beets. Aside from loving the warm weather and frequent watering, it requires little maintenance. You can grow them in containers or in a soil garden.



Want to add more flavor to your salad and other dishes? Then plant some herbs, specifically basils, in your backyard. This culinary herb loves the sun, so make sure they receive a lot of it, but also don’t forget to water the soil to prevent drying, and have proper drainage since they hate wet soil. Basil can be grown, harvested, and regrown every several weeks, so no need to plant multiple seeds for continuous harvest.



If you want to put some Italian zest to your dishes, then start planting oregano seeds or cuttings in your garden this summer.



Not only you can plant veggies in your garden this summer, but also some fruits that are equally nutritious and delicious. Strawberries are ideal to plant and harvest before and during the summer months. They’re also easy to plant, either on the soil, in a basket, or hanging pot. Pick some after a few weeks and make delectable strawberry shakes for the whole family.



Cool melon shakes are also tasty summer thirst-quencher especially when offered using stainless steel cups. Cantaloupes, honeydews, or watermelons, your pick, in sowing these melon seeds.


These veggies and fruits are the best and easiest foods you can grow in your garden this summer. Consume the freshest greens and save a ton from grocery buying by having your own food garden.