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Quick Ideas To Set Up A New Year's Eve Party

What better way to end the year than to kick-off a New Year’s Eve party for everyone to enjoy! You don’t have to stress yourself and create the grandest Year-End party. A quick, simple yet creative set up is much appreciated. Remember that the most important aspects of your party are you and your guests.

Here are some quick ideas to set up a New Year’s Eve party and end 2019 with a bang!


Send E-Invites To Guests

New Year's Eve Party Invite

The easiest and quickest way to inform your guests about the upcoming Year End party is by giving them electronic invites (E-invites). This can be done through email, text, chat, Facebook or Viber messaging. If you want to be creative, you can do handwritten invites, take a photo of it, put some designs and filters, and send it on your group chat or individual messengers. You can also use Canva or a photo editing app from your phone to create a festive-looking invitation card.


Organize A Simple Entertainment

Girls Singing

Karaoke, jamming, drunk card games, and Year-End live streaming can be a simple yet exciting part of your New Year’s Eve party. The deal here is not to let your guests get bored, at the same time not getting overwhelmed with everything going on. Keep the activities flowing, whatever the guests will enjoy, besides it’s the end of the year so grab the microphone and sing your hearts out, play those instruments and jam, play an exciting drunk card games with dares for losers, or get around the living area and watch the New Year’s live special.


Make A Countdown Wall

New Year's Countdown

It’s been a tradition to make a countdown a few hours, minutes, and seconds before the New Year comes. With a quick digital clock and a decorated backdrop set up on one side of the wall where everyone can see, you can have a countdown wall.


Set Up A Photo Booth Station

Photo Booth

Taking photos is already a huge part of every celebration. Take snaps of your family, friends, and strangers here and there, popping out the celebratory faces with booze on hand and a cool backdrop. Create and set up an Instagrammable and Story-worthy photo booth station with gold, cute, and festive designs with a creative frame, fun hats, glasses, and masks to use during the photo op. Use your digital camera or spare camera phone, place it on a stand or tripod facing the subject, frame, and backdrop, then ask the guests to look, smile or make faces at the lens. Share your photos on social media and wait for your followers’ reactions.


Have a New Year's Resolution Jar

New Year's Resolution

New Year’s resolutions may have become obsolete for others since they are not followed and achieved most of the time. Still, many people practice this every year and make sure they diligently make it happen. Encourage your guests to get a blank card from the jar, write down their New Year’s resolution or goals, and be sure they’ll follow it.


Buy Some Sparklers

Person Holding Sparklers

Since you don’t have fireworks to ignite, then mini-fireworks such as the sparklers are your cheapest alternative. You can buy some in the party section of a grocery store. Light them up alongside a champagne toast to celebrate the coming of a New Year.


Put On Some Background Music

DJ Playing Music

A party can be dull without food, activities, and music. Create a cheerful, pumped-up atmosphere in your New Year’s Eve party place by turning up the speakers and playing some background music. This will set the vibe for the entire night while waiting for the next year.


Recycle The Holiday Décor

Holiday Decors

Christmas may be over but don’t put down your shiny, shimmering holiday decors just yet. Leave those never out of style Christmas balls, lights, and ornaments be, and add some touches of a few New Year’s sparkling theme decors, better if they’re gold and blue in colors.


Prep Easy To Make Foods

Tasty Dessert Cupcakes

Foods are the main centerpiece of the holiday table. You don’t have to prep extravagant, holiday meals. You can either takeout ready-made foods from the store, or prep these Easy and Delicious New Year Recipes for the party. To make things easier and more cost-effective in your end, you can put in your invitation and ask your guests to bring some food or side dishes for the potluck to add to the festive table. Dessert bites such as brownies, cookies, and muffins are easy to make with our 12-Cup Silicone Baking Pan and a great part of the table since they’re tastier and easier to eat.


Serve Some Booze

Champagne Bottles

Champagne, beer, wine, cocktails, whatever that is, some (most) of your guests will surely seek alcoholic beverages in celebrating the coming of the New Year. Serving some booze can also lighten the mood and make you do some fun, silly things. If you make your own booze or beer, you can put it in our recyclable Clear Swing Top Bottles. If you have guests who prefer whiskey, scotch, or other hard alcoholic drinks, you can let them use the elegant Old-Fashioned Glasses. For those who want to bring their own wine or beverages to a party, you can put it in a Foldable WineCubby Wine Bag.


As a host for the upcoming Year-End celebration, it’s easy to get stressed in preparing and organizing for the event. Remember that there are simple, affordable, creative, and quick ideas in setting up a surefire New Year’s Eve party blast. Let’s embrace the New Year with open arms and hope that 2020 will bring prosperity and more happiness!