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Burn The Holiday Calories With These Home Exercises

The holidays are for celebrating and binging delicious foods that you can’t get rid of. After the holiday has passed, getting rid of those holiday weight and fat gain seems so difficult to reach. Some of the proven pro tips for you to make your calorie-burning effective is through diet (limiting calorie-intake), exercise, and consistency. We’ll focus more on the physically-active side of the program.

Here’s how you can burn the holiday calories with these home exercises.


Jumping Jacks

This probably is the first home exercise you think of when burning calories after the holidays. It’s simple to perform yet by doing it continuously for a couple of minutes, you’ll surely pump you’re your heart and heat up signaling an effective fat and calorie-burning. Prepare freshly squeezed fruit juice in a Fusepour Fruit Infuser Pitcher and replace lost electrolytes from your grueling workout session.



If you really want to lose those extra body fats especially around the midsection, then go with the much-needed strength in planking. There are variations to this workout such as side planking with leg raise, but even the regular planking (face and body facing the ground) can shake and sweat you a lot, at the same time burn lots of your holiday calories, for a toner, slimmer figure.

woman planking



You’ll probably curse this extremely difficult workout (if you’re not used to working out), but take this as a challenge and a way to get off those extra fats and weight that you gained from holiday binging. It’s a combo of squatting down, launching your feet back, performing a push-up, and a jump up considered as one rep. Performing a couple of reps will leave you dead tired but super accomplished.


Stairs Climbing

The regular climbing of stairs you do at home every day is considered an effective calorie-burning exercise. Walking up flights of stairs (basically lifting your body weight) can burn around 500 calories per hour if done continuously. You can challenge yourself by dumbbells on each hand while stairs climbing to burn even more holiday calories.

climbing stairs


Mountain Climbers

Imagine yourself climbing the mountain, but instead of holding on to rocks, your hands are pressed on the ground (like in push up or plank position of arms extended) while bringing your right knee to your chest then back then the right knee to the chest then back and so on. Move as quickly as you can (like climb running) at the fastest speed possible to work your full body and burn it to the core.


Jumping Rope

Time to bring your jump ropes out and start using it to burn the holiday calories away. This simple jumping rope home exercise can burn around 400-600 calories if skips are sustained for a couple of minutes in a number of sets. Place a Glass Bottle of water or drink near you so you can take sips and hydrate using our Stainless Steel Straws.

woman jumping rope 

Power Yoga

It’s time to relax, focus on your positive energy, and breathe while stretching your whole body and basically burning around 230-330 calories per hour. That’s the power of yoga and that’s why many people do it.

woman doing yoga 

Jumping Lunges

If you want to tone your thighs, which in turn burns most of your calories, then you won’t go wrong with jumping lunges. Just jump in between lunges (we know it’s difficult at first) and continue doing it until you’re tired.

 woman jumping lunges


Jumping Squats

This challenging yet extremely effective fat-burning plyometrics (jump training) workout will make you add more reps every time. Jumping squats is performed with your arms forward, jumping, and making a squat, then jumping, and so on. Do this for 60 to 90 seconds continuously, increasing the speed and duration the next time, for more favorable results.


Push Ups

This is probably the most common yet hard to do the home workout just because you need to push and carry more than half of your body weight from the ground. With that, this total body exercise is deemed effective in burning those holiday calories and trimming you down. If you’re having a hard time with the regular push up, try the modified knees-down and legs-up. If it’s easy for you, you can take it up a notch by doing it on a single leg.

woman doing push ups


The holiday binging is over. Now, this new year is the perfect time for you to be physically active, and burn those holiday calories with the exercises you can do even at home.