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How To Avoid Overeating During The Holidays

It’s the holidays, and we become victims of consuming too much food because we think we deserve every treat that comes our way. This has been a notion that stretches for many centuries, but in the end, it still depends on you and your self-control.

Surrounded by mouth-watering dishes doesn’t mean you have to stuff yourself with everything you see on the food table, especially if you don’t plan on gaining holiday weight or extra body fats. With that, we give you effective tips on how to avoid overeating during the holidays.


Enjoy Food In Moderation

It’s easy to turn on to ice cream, chips, pizza, cookies, and fatty, juicy meats this holiday season. You sure will be needing huge self-control. You may eat some of those delicious dishes and treats that you see on the food table, just make sure to consume in moderation or in small portions.

woman enjoying burger

Don’t Eat Everything

Not everything on the table feast must be eaten. Just pick your few favorites, most likely those with fewer calories than others, eat them, and enjoy.


Distance Yourself From The Table

Instead of standing next to the table, distance yourself so you won’t be tempted to get some food every time. Planning to bring some treats to the party? Then, bake some of your fresh blueberry muffins using our 12-Cup Silicone Baking Pan.


Eat Something Before Going Out

Making yourself hungry before you go to a holiday party is a BIG “NO” if you plan to avoid overeating. The tendency is you’ll binge once you go to the food table. At least eat something like yogurt, slices of apples or bananas, a half bowl of salad or soup, or a slice of bread just to curb your appetite before going to the main food pool.

healthy bread snacks

No Alcohol On Empty Stomach

If possible, avoid alcohol at all. Drinking some on an empty stomach will surge your appetite and impede your ability to control your eating. If you really want to drink, eat something first and just limit your consumption. Better to bring a bit of your wine using our WineCubby Foldable Wine Bag so you have more control of how little you should drink.

people drinking alcoholic beverage

Dance Some More

You may not be the best at it, but try to shift your focus from eating to dancing. It is more fun, will burn your calories, and make you stay away from the food table. Pull in your family and friends, pump up the music, and dance the night away.

people dancing around

Have More Room For Greens

Just because it’s holiday doesn’t mean you will ignore the greens. A secret to avoid overeating during the festive season is by filling your plate with veggies and fruits because they easily fill you. Be watchful with the sauces and creams though.


Go Around The Food Table

Wander around the food table first to know which ones you really want to include on your plate. Picking every food you see will pile your plate further, and you might even think of grabbing another plate for the other ones you haven’t seen yet.


Never Go Hungry Shopping

Starving yourself and going out seeing a bunch of tasty, holiday treats are like committing yourself to shop for them and overeat. Might as well bring your favorite fruit/vegetable juice or shake, put it in our 20 oz. Glass Bottles, and sip it using our Stainless Steel Straws while on the way to somewhere just to satisfy your cravings.

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Put Your Focus On Family and Friends

More than the delicious, fattening foods, the core of the holidays is the moments you share with your family or friends. So, instead of focusing on what you will stuff on your mouth and tummy, go talk, play, dance, sing, laugh, and eat (in moderation) with your loved ones.

 celebrating the holidays with family

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Physically and mentally-exhaustive eating is critical especially during the holidays. A person who lacks sleep and is stressed will make you so hungry and go for food to supply the body with energy to survive the day. If you get plenty of good night’s sleep, then your body won’t seek too much food for energy and will lift your mood.


Exercise Regularly

Keeping up with your daily cardio or weights is a great way to burn your calories and manage your hormones that control your appetite.

people exercising in the park

Find A Spot To Relax

Overwhelmed with too much food on the table and seems like you want to indulge in all of them? Take a break outside, close your eyes, breathe, and relax for a few minutes. The urge to overeat will pass once you take a short pause from all the commotion inside.


Stick To Your Meal Plan

Being surrounded by food and people eating might end you up in losing your control, which tends you to overeat. Hunger and appetite can be overwhelming, so make sure not to skip your meals whether you’ll go to a party later or will just stay at home. Stick to your usual eating schedule or pattern and never let holiday foods ruin it by eating past your last mealtime of the day or delve you into a high-calorie selection.

meal plan on a plate

Get Back On Track

If you over-ate during a holiday party, don’t give up or punish yourself. Rather, get back on track and follow your eating schedule, habit, exercise, and remind yourself to avoid overindulging at the next party.


It might be difficult to overcome binging this food-indulging season. Remember to enjoy the food but avoid overeating this holiday season.