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Parent's Day: 20 of the Funniest Parenting Tweets

Parenting isn’t easy.  Kids don’t come with a manual that tells you exactly how to handle them.  Parenting is an on-the-job training. You learn as you raise your children.  You can make a lot of mistakes with the first child.  So, you tend to avoid the same mistake with the second.  Oh, yes, parenting definitely has its moments when you’ll find yourself wanting to tear your hair out; but then, there are moments when you struggle to keep a straight face in a moment of sheer hilarity.

As parents, you probably have experienced those moments. Some parents, however, love to share the humor with other people on Twitter. So, in honor of Parent’s Day, we’ve decided to share 20 of the funniest tweets we’ve come across on Twitter.




















Children can be hilarious - and parents are superheroes! Parents Day is your day, moms and dads. Why not treat yourself with something awesome like our Glass Bottles with Loops.