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Parents' Day Family Staycation Ideas

Parents' Day was signed into law by former US President Bill Clinton in 1994. This particular holiday is dedicated to honoring parents for all the hard work they do to raise the next generation. That is the reason why kids, regardless of age, should take this special holiday as a chance to celebrate their parents.

Remember when your parents took you out to weekend trips? For a fresh change, exchange roles with them. Come home and treat your folks to a staycation around your hometown.

You do the preparations while they take their sweet time doing things they enjoy - just like how they used to do everything while you snooze for "5 more minutes".

Explore new spots around your hometown

Believe it or not, back then there were new places around your hometown that your parents missed visiting because they had a tiny tot to look after. Now that you are all grown up, and possibly there are new developments in your hometown, take your folks for a ride.

Parents Day - Explore New Places

Drive them to these new places. Make yourself the "organizer" of this around-town day trip. There might be a new museum that they've meant to visit or a new cafe that they want to try. Look up nearby attractions hear your hometown too.

Treat your parents to their favorite local restaurant

Remember that restaurant your family went to on special occasions? Maybe the establishment's doors are still open. Parents' Day is a good time to take them there for a hearty lunch or a fancy dinner.

What if the place has closed down? That's okay. You can recreate your favorite dishes at home. You may even make the meal even better by recreating healthier versions of those dishes.

Get inspired by this quick yet very tasty Scallop dish by Rasa Malaysia:

Spend an afternoon at your family's favorite park

There should be a nearby park where the family used to spend lazy Sunday afternoons with the family dog. Plan an afternoon picnic.

Parks are also a great venue hikes or even lazy walks. These activities make your park visit a good way to get the family, especially your parents and the little ones, on a healthy and active day out.

Parents Day - Afternoon at the Park

Outdoor movie night at home

Think up a theme that your folks will love. Make your snack menu, venue setup and film choices around that theme. Need an idea to start from? Here is one your parents will surely enjoy: "movie night" during their "time."

You can start with an early evening dinner. Movies will then start just when the skies start to get dark. Serve light snacks and drinks throughout the course of the movie night.

Parents Day - Outdoor Movie Night

If you have friends who live nearby, you can invite them and their parents to this movie night too! Not only will the evening be a fun night for the parents, but it will also be a good chance for you to catch up with friends you grew up with.

Red wine for their nightcap

A glass of wine helps one snooze quickly. So close this special day by gifting your parents a bottle of wine for a nightcap. Of course, a bottle of red wine comes with more pro-health perks that help your folks age gracefully.

Then again, there is more to a bottle of wine than cancer-fighting, brain-boosting and heart health promoting compounds. Recently, a compound called "procyanidins" have also been found in abundant quantities in dark colored wines.

Parents Day - Wine for Nightcap

Have you heard the phrase "a man is as old as his arteries"? Well, procyanidins have been found to keep arteries healthy. And healthy arteries mean longevity. The bonus perk of procyanidins is this: they keep one's skin healthy, and they can reduce wrinkles too!

On to you: which of these ideas will you go with to make this year's Parents' Day special for your folks? Have you tried any one of these before? If so, how did it go? Tell us in the comment section below!