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Have A Romantic Valentine's Date At Home

We always say that our heart stays at home. Leave the stress of overcrowded restaurants, cinemas, hotels, and parks, instead, go big and go home! You can prepare for Valentine’s surprise. Plan and make some early preparations to materialize your Valentine’s day treat for you and your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

There are a couple of tricks to have a romantic Valentine’s date at home.


Prepare A Valentine’s Day Breakfast

breakfast in bed

If you want to surprise your partner early on, get up early and prep a tasty Valentine’s Day breakfast. It is a special way to touch his/her tummy and heart. Serve simple pancakes that can be made extra special by topping on butter, honey, strawberry syrup, condensed milk, blueberries, raspberries, and banana slices with crispy bacon and scrambled eggs on the side, and a cup of hot cocoa or fresh coffee out of a Duet Drip Brew Coffee Maker. You can also toast garlic cheese bread with scrambled eggs, sausages, and fruits on the side and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Don’t forget to cook those delicious meals using Nonstick Fry Pan. Make it two and join your partner on the bed so you can enjoy Valentine's breakfast date. You can both be sweet and cuddly, talk anything under the sun, or watch your favorite movie or TV show while eating your delicious meal. You can do this on the morning of February 14 or the next day after a romantic Valentine’s night.


Dress Up and Prep A Hearty Dinner for Two

dinner table

Part of preparing a for Valentine’s date is dressing up like what you do when you go to a fancy restaurant. Make sure your partner is also dressed up for the special night so both of you would look gorgeous. Might as well prep his or her clothes before he or she comes home.

A Valentine’s dinner (or lunch) won’t be complete without food. Instead of going out on a stressful, crowded resto or anywhere on Valentine’s day, it’s much memorable, more affordable, and romantic date and dine at home. Make the day extra special for both you and your partner by preparing some delicious homecooked meals. This way, you will have more freedom and choices on what to cook. Bring your inner chef or you can always turn to online cooking tutorials of your preferred dishes to make. You can also check these Easy Romantic Dinner Ideas to help you out. Just make sure to prep the ingredients beforehand and use Nonstick Saucepan to cook almost every dish that you plan to make. Valentine’s Day is all about love and sweetness, so dessert should also be part of your dinner. Bake some sweet treats such as mini-cakes, round pies, cookies, muffins, or cupcakes using 12-Cup Silicone Baking Pan.


Have A Backyard Picnic

romantic backyard picnic

If you want a more casual dining experience, then go for a backyard picnic (if it’s not snowing) and make it special. Create a romantic atmosphere by setting things up such as the lights and lamps, dinnerware, prepared meals and drinks, some romantic background music, flowers (for the wife/girlfriend), pillows, and a Large Premium Picnic Blanket. Eat, talk, sing, laugh, stargaze, play games, cuddle, kiss, and show how much you love each other.


Turn On The Music and Dance

dancing couple

Valentine’s night is the night to put your dancing shoes on and be free. Free some space in your living room by moving the furniture, turn up the music, and seduce your husband/wife to groove with you on the dance floor. You may not be a dancer yourself, but you can always learn the tango, foxtrot, salsa, or cha-cha on YouTube or go slow dancing. You can try modern by tuning in to contemporary, jazz, hip hop or burlesque. Since you’re not used to dancing, you and your partner will end up laughing the night off with some wonky, silly dance moves. It can make your Valentine’s date at home romantic and fun!


Experience A Valentine’s Home Spa

spa at home

For sure both you and your loved one need pampering from all the hard work at home and in the office. It’s a perfect time to prep something relaxing for both of you to unwind. Turn on relaxing music, place some scented candles and aromatherapy oils, create a bubble bath, and soak on Valentine’s spa date with your partner. Afterward, give a foot and/or back massage (you can take turns) using massage oil or lotion and see where it goes from there. This soothing yet romantic gesture will be much appreciated by your partner.


Spice Up Your Bedroom

couple in the bedroom

Hotel rooms can be fully booked and expensive on Valentine’s Day, so might as well be creative and do it at the comforts of your own home. Decorate your bedroom by dimming the lights and placing scented candles on different areas, add touches of citrus aroma, turn on romantic music, bring some wine, and place the silky bedsheet on your bed. Add whatever else you want to achieve a more romantic mood. This is a perfect time to spend some private moments with your partner. You can cuddle, kiss, get kinky by giving in to each other’s’ desires, or do role-playing. Be open and explore yourselves in a deeper, more intimate level that both of you can enjoy and be comfortable with.


Write Your Partner A Valentine’s Letter

love letter

In the old days, one of the sweetest, most romantic things a person would receive is a love letter from his or her partner. Heartfelt written words, either on a card or stationery, describing sweet moments in your life and how much you love each other never fails.


There are many ways to express your love and appreciation to your partner. Here are also some more Valentine's Date Ideas and Recipes to help you out. Make your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend fall in love with these romantic Valentine’s date at home gestures.