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Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Neat in Winter

You may have heard of spring cleaning, fall cleaning, and even summer cleaning. How about winter cleaning? Here are some of the tried and tested tips to keep your kitchen clean and neat even in winter.


Keep Your Kitchen Dry

It’s easy to get molds because of the damp winter season. So, make sure to always have your dry cloth and mops ready to clean the spills from countertops, oven, stove, fridge, cupboards to the floor.


Stock Up On Warm Foods and Drinks

Two of the most important things during the winter is to keep yourself warm and stock up some food. With that, stocking up on warm food and drinks in the cold weather is a great idea. Your go-to winter staples are your oatmeal, beans, rice, and pasta. Don’t forget our favorite hot chocolate, coffee, and blended malt drinks. You can use FusePour Coffee and Tea Infuser Pitcher in preparing your hot drinks.

hot chocolate with mallows 

Stock Up For Home Remedies

Winter can easily affect you and your family’s health. It’s easy to catch colds, cough, and sniffles this season. You can keep all of you sick-free by having some of these ingredients. Stock your kitchen with some ingredients to create comforting hot drinks such as hot tea with lemon juice and ginger to strengthen your immune system, soothe your cough and sore throat, and reduce your phlegm. For sure you also have a jar of salt to make saltwater for gargling to relieve a sore throat. You can prep chicken soup to relieve colds. Garlic has antimicrobial properties so you can add it to your veggie soups cooked in an affordable but premium Non-Stick Saucepan with Lid.

hot tea


Clean and Clear Your Fridge and Freezer

Stocking up plenty of food in the fridge and freeze is normal especially during winter. Throw out those old frozen meats, fruits, vegetables, and food bits, and expired or unused sauces and drinks, and replace them with fresher, healthier ones. Defrost the freezer if thick ice has already formed. Wipe the shelves and every corner of the fridge with damp cloth and soap.


Clean The Trash Bins

You put all your trash in the bin to keep your kitchen space clean and clear. With that, you should make it a weekly habit to empty your trash bins especially when filled with easily rotten food wastes, wash and soap them, and spray with disinfectant to keep the germs out.


Scrub The Oven

Keeping kitchen equipment clean is important to prep and cook fresh meals. The oven is an essential part of the kitchen but can be a pain in the ass all because of too much grease and filth from countless meals and pastries you’ve baked. It can be rewarding though once you’ve scrubbed and cleaned the insides, floor, walls, grills, and door of the oven.


Check Your Kitchen Cabinets

You may have outdated or expired canned goods, sachets, and ingredients that you need to dispose of. Some of your kitchen, dinner, and cookware needs cleaning. There are dust and grease build up on every corner of the cupboard, so you need to scrub them off.


Have Easy-To-Reach Cleaning Supplies

You usually create more mess in the kitchen that any area at home. You don’t want your family and guests to see how chaotic your kitchen is. So be sure to have those wiping fabrics, sponge, all-purpose cleaner, and disinfectant wipes easy to reach when cleaning the tops and bottoms of the kitchen.

cleaning supplies 

Wipe Clean and Dry Your Cutting Board

Cutting board is an essential kitchen tool you must own. The week of food prep may not be complete without a reliable Bamboo Cutting Board, so better get one!


Clear The Countertops

Decluttering is one of the best ways to keep things simple, organized, and neat. Dinnerware, kitchen tools, and other items on the countertops that you don’t often use needs to be stored away.


Place Some Indoor Plants

The feel during the winter can be dull and lifeless, even with your family and pets around. What more if you’re living alone? You can buy some plants or place some of your backyard plants indoors and in the kitchen during the cold season to keep you company while preparing some delicious meals.

kitchen plant


Place Some Kitchen Rugs

Wearing your shoes or slippers can bring some mud and dirt and to your kitchen, and can even leave it wet from the outside. Placing extra kitchen rugs around your kitchen floor will collect those food drops and spills and shoe dirt, and will keep it dry. The rugs also add to the warmth and they’re easy to clean, too.


Keep Your Windows Clean

The whole kitchen can be dim, even with the lights on, during the winter. Natural outdoor can make your kitchen space brighter, plus it’s nice to see the beautiful white outdoors through the windows while cooking or baking. So, make sure to keep your kitchen windows squeaky clean.

kitchen window


Do A Quick Kitchen Cleaning Before Bed

Before calling it a night, do a quick check and last-minute cleaning and tidying in your kitchen.


It can be challenging to keep the kitchen clean and tidy during the winter. But nothing is impossible as long as you follow these winter cleaning tips and tricks.