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Top 20 Home Remedies To Relieve Your Colds

These days, viruses and flu have been a major concern (scare) worldwide. Being sick starts in the simplest form such as the common colds, which is a pain in the ass and should not be taken for granted. Cold symptoms may include stuffed and runny nose, cough, sore throat, body and headache, sneezing, tiredness, and sometimes fever. Aside from handwashing and wearing face masks, there are plenty of natural cold remedies at home that will help you and your family without the need to go to the pharmacy or a doctor.

Here are the top 20 home remedies to relieve your colds.


1. Drink and Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can be your enemy when you’re sick. Make sure to constantly drink water to prevent dehydration, add moisture to your system, loosen the congestion, keep the blood and fluids smoothly flowing, and stabilize your temperature when having a fever. You should avoid drinking sodas, coffee, and alcohol in the meantime.

drink plenty of water


2. Gargle with Salt and Water

Gargling with 8 ounces warm water and 1/4 teaspoon salt at least 4 times a day has been a common antibacterial solution and remedy for a sore and scratchy throat.


3. Rinse Your Nose with Warm Salt Water

Prep a nasal irrigation or bulb syringe and a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 8 ounces of warm water. Hold a nostril with light finger pressure and start squirting the salt solution into the other nostril to drain the nasal congestion and remove unwanted particles.


4. Sip Hot Liquids

It feels good to sip your favorite hot herbal tea, warm apple juice, and other hot non-caffeinated, non-cocoa, non-dairy, and less sugary drinks prepared and stored in a Fruit and Tea Infuser Pitcher. Your favorite hot liquids can help relieve nasal congestion, soothe your nose and throat, and make you feel comfy.

hot liquid tea


5. Drink Echinacea Tea

Some studies show that drinking echinacea tea can limit the period of your colds, so if you keep some, make a cuppa.


6. Drink Peppermint Tea

Drinking tea can soothe your colds, what more if it’s peppermint. Drinking peppermint tea can help you breathe easier by decongesting stuffed airways.


7. Have A Hot Water, Fresh Lemon, and Honey Mix

Do you want a tried and tested solution for your persistent dry cough? Try to mix fresh lemon and a tablespoon of honey in a cup of hot water, and drink it to soothe your throat and help lessen your dry coughing.

hot water, fresh lemon, and honey 


8. Have A Warm Bowl of (Chicken) Soup

Whenever your mom prepares a soup cooked in a Nonstick Saucepan with Lid for a sick you, you feel better with every bite and swallow. It seems like every spoonful can generally heal you, plus it’s easy to eat. It is believed that soup can help improve cilia on your lungs against bacteria, and can help the immune system by strengthening white blood cell movement to get rid of foreign bodies.

chicken soup


9. Give Ginger A Shot

Ginger may have a strong flavor but it’s perfect to add in the porridge or make into a tea to help with your colds. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, that ease with fever, nausea, congestion, and irritated throat.



10. Eat These Anti-Colds Berries

Battling colds can be tough in this weather, but there are some berries you can rely on to help with the symptoms of colds. Blueberries can help with pain and lower fever, and cranberries can help in stopping bacteria from penetrating the cell lining.


11. Consume Mustard, Onions, and Chili Peppers for Sinuses

These ingredients are already a part of some of the delicious meals you prep using Premium Bamboo Cutting Board, but more than taste, they also serve to ease your colds. Breakdown mucus in air passages and lungs and open sinuses with mustard and chili peppers, and clear bronchitis and infections with onions.


12. Make Use of Honey

Most likely, you have some honey in your kitchen, perfect for your pancakes. Aside from that, it’s also perfect for your sore throat and cough, since it soothes the mucous membrane, prevents irritation, and supports the immune system.


13. Consume Some Garlic

Enjoy the many benefits of consuming garlic such as having antibiotic and antioxidant properties, is packed with vitamin C and minerals to help combat colds, flu, cough, fever, and soothe respiratory passages.

cloves of garlic 

14. Take Your Probiotics

They say a healthy gut can help boost your body’s immune system and fight infection. So, start consuming probiotic drinks, yogurt, and sauerkraut.


15. Place Some Menthol Under Your Nose

Your good old Vicks Vaporub or any menthol, camphor, or eucalyptus ointments can help in opening breathing passages. Just put a small dab of menthol under your nose and wait for your breathing passages to open.


16. Place A Hot Pack Around Sinuses

Applying a damp, heated washcloth or a hot pack (make sure it’s not too hot) around your sinuses can ease the congestion and help you breathe well.


17. Humidify The Air

Loosen up your respiratory congestion by adding moisture at home using a humidifier or vaporizer.



18. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils, especially eucalyptus and peppermint oils have become popular in the past few years, claiming their effectiveness in having antimicrobial properties and in treating common colds, being a decongestant. You can put some oil in your diffuser and place your head on top of it for a relaxing steam.


19. Have A Quick Warm Shower

If you want more than a sponge bath, then a quick, warm shower is great for you. You can also have a steamy shower on the side while doing a sponge bath. These will help you relax and soothe your nasal passages to help you breathe much better.


20. Take Plenty Rest and Sleep

Don’t push yourself to work too hard when you’re sick. One of the best ways to combat colds and flu is to stay at home, rest and sleep. It is your body’s way to generally heal and gain more energy. Better to elevate your head with 2 to 3 pillows under your head to relieve congested nasal passages and let you breathe better.

woman sleeping


Colds can be a major hassle for you and your family. These top home remedies can help you relieve the symptoms and make your immunity stronger.