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Top Food Instagrammers to Follow

In the world of food, Instagram has a lot to offer. Food Instagrammers come in different forms.  There are people who dine at the world’s finest restaurants and offer food photos of the most delectable, expensive dishes.  There are chef Instagrammers who post food and recipes they’ve developed and cooked. There are the home cooks who cook all kinds of yummy dishes – healthy, vegan, protein, BBQ, and anything that you can think of.

There’s always a fabulous Instagrammer to follow.  Here are our recommended foodies, food artists, food lovers, home cooks, vegans, foragers, and more.


You wouldn’t think of Mississippi as a place with the most scrumptious dishes, but Timothy Pakron will change your mind.  It is where he whips up the most beautiful and delicious vegan dishes.  Even if you’re not vegan, you will drool from the beauty of his culinary creations.



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Molly Yeh’s Instagram page is all things adorable and cake-related.  It’s amazing what she can do in the kitchen when she was actually trained to be a musician. She has a degree in percussion from Juilliard. She loves to bake and take photos. She lives in a farm on the North Dakota-Minnesota border with her husband where she gets to make big tasty farm lunches. Most of her posts include her recipes that have been inspired by her Jewish and Asian roots and her Midwestern farm life.




Ian is a forager extraordinaire who has managed to turn his craft into one awesome business.  His business is all about “all things wild and delicious”. You’d find truffles, wild mushrooms, turkey eggs, fresh bamboo shoots, start apples, caviar, 10-pound lobsters and all other kinds of yummy food. No wonder he was featured in The New Yorker.


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Laura’s Instagram photos have a whimsical quality to them. They are vibrant photos of seasonal recipes. They can definitely inspire you to head over to the market.  Laura is an IT engineer who discovered her love for cooking 5 years ago. Over the years, he started working as a photographer and culinary stylist. She also started to create recipes for various companies.  Her recipes are characterized by appetite and respect for product.




Kar-Shing Tong made his debut back in 2012 when he started food photography.  He then started photographing street food, and his Instagram account is packed with mouthwatering food from all over.



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Jenn is from San Francisco – and is constantly surrounded by fellow food lovers at Williams-Sonoma.  It’s not surprising why her Instagram account is packed with scrumptious pastries because she’s always eating, baking, and meeting food experts.  She graduated from Tante Marie Cooking School with certificate in pastry arts. She bakes, develops and test recipes – and her Instagram profile is just amazing!



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Sam is a food stylist, photographer, and cookbook author based in Cape Town. Tired of working for other people, Sam decided to build a career based around food. If you follow her on Instagram, you’d be very happy that she did. Her feed is amazing!



Justin’s desserts fall into the foolproof category.  He believes that desserts need not be perfect to taste good.  Desserts are the “hybrid of comfort bakers and fine-dining pastry chefs.” His recipes are in the middle of taking both extremes and bringing them all together. It seems that his strategy is working since his Instagram feed shows a series of yummy-looking desserts.




This account is packed with mouth-watering photographs of treats, desserts, oysters, burgers and a whole lot of yummy street food! His feed is packed of food in various cuisines.



One of most amazing foodies you would probably want to follow on Instagram is Symmetry Breakfast.  The photographs are incredible. These dishes are serious breakfast goals.