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Things to Clean in the Kitchen Before Spring

Everyone loves a clean kitchen. There are so many things in the kitchen that people fail to clean. Some people even wait for spring first before they would give their kitchen a major scrubbing. Now is the perfect time for you to clean some areas in the kitchen. Here are the areas that may require your immediate attention.


clean sponges

There is nothing dirtier than kitchen sponges that have been sitting on the kitchen sink after you have used them for cleaning. Make sure to gather up these sponges and soak them in hot water. Of course, you can’t just keep on using the same sponges. Bacteria and dirt will accumulate. What you need to do is replace your sponges frequently – and then soak these sponges in hot water.

Spaces Between Appliances and Countertops

spaces between countertops and kitchen appliances

The spaces between your countertops and appliances are areas that really need cleaning. Food particles tend to fall in those areas. Make sure to vacuum out and clean the areas thoroughly. Make sure to pull out the appliances and give the areas underneath them a good cleaning as well.

Cabinet Doors and Handles

kitchen cabinets

People tend to forget that they need to clean their cabinet doors and handles. Numerous people use these handles on a daily basis. Germs are transferred from hands to handles and handles to hands. Make sure to disinfect these areas with a proper cleaner. Do the same with the fridge, dishwasher, and oven doors and handles as well.

Top of Cabinets and Refrigerators

cabinets and refrigerators

You might want to give the top of cabinets proper cleaning too. These areas are often always forgotten since they are out of sight. Unfortunately, they are the perfect spot for grime and dust to accumulate. It’s easy for dust to build up over time. Unfortunately, dust can circulate through the air. This can spread throughout and also reduce the quality of air in your home. Make sure to take the time to clean off the dust in these areas. Wipe with a good sanitizer as well. Do you have a ceiling fan? You might want to dust off the blade as well.

Grout on Tiles

kitchen tiles

Don’t just wipe down your tiles, you should also make sure to clean the grout between the tiles. This will ensure that the tiles will always look new. It will also prevent mildew from growing. Make sure to use a cleaner that can kill molds.

Small Appliances

small kitchen appliances

They’re so small, you tend to ignore them. This includes the coffee maker, toaster, blender, and other small kitchen appliances. Bacteria can grow, and they can make you really sick. So, make sure to clean all of these appliances and their parts.

You don’t need to wait for spring to do some spring cleaning. You can keep your kitchen sparkling clean all the time.