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The Space Saving Iced Tea Pitcher You Need

We’ve recently launched several new products, and we are quite proud of these new additions. One of our newest products is our Low Profile Iced Tea Pitcher. We’ve designed it in such a way that you can store it standing up or on its side.  You wouldn’t have to worry about it leaking.  Air exposure is also avoided.  It is perfect for saving space. Really! It’s more of a rectangular shape than round, so it doesn’t take up so much space in the fridge, counter, table, or shelves.

What’s So Awesome about This Product?

Low Profile Tea Pitcher with Removable Tea Strainer

Our pitcher has plenty of room. From the top of the closed handle to the bottom, the pitcher measures about 11-7/8” or 12”.  It can store up to 2.3 quarts or 2 liters of soda, juice, tea, coffee, or other beverages.  That’s more than 8 servings of your favorite drink! At least ½ cup of loose tea can fit.

The pitcher comes with high quality fine mesh removable strainer which can accommodate tea bags, flowers, loose leaf, and other kinds of teas.  The pitcher is used to instill fruit into the water. You can make iced tea if you use bagged tea leaves. The strainer has large holes, so it’s a bit tricky for loose tea.  You’d love this if you love experimenting with different fruit flavors or even veggies.


Low Profile Tea Pitcher with Removable Tea Strainer


As we’ve mentioned above, it can fit just about anywhere you need it to fit.  It has a compact design which allows horizontal storage. You can place it on the shelf, in the drawer, or inside the fridge.  The pitcher can handle the heat. It is made from advanced BPA-Free plastic. You can store boiling water in it. You can also store other hot liquids without melting, distorting, or breaking. It is safe to use.

It is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.  The lid, strainer, and silicone gasket are removable, so you can clean them easily. You can also just throw it into the dishwasher for quick cleaning. It is also easy to handle and use. Your fingers can easily fit through the handle.  All white plastic can be removed from the clear plastic. The top lid can be turned 45 degrees to pour. Continue turning to remove the lid for cleaning and filling.

What Do Customers Say About Our Pitcher?

Low Profile Tea Pitcher with Removable Tea Strainer

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