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Cleverona Frying Pan: The Best Pan in the Market

Okay, claiming that we have the best frying pan in the market may sound presumptuous, but we do have the best – if not one of the best pans- in the market. There are various factors that you need to consider when buying frying pans.  These are the same factors that make the Cleverona pans truly exceptional.


Our frying pan is able to perform various tasks. It is reliable and durable. You can use it for all sorts of things like to sauté shrimp, fry eggs and bacons, cook vegetables and other foods.  Despite numerous uses, it can withstand the test of time.  It is incredibly easy to clean.  The food doesn’t stick to the pan, and cooking requires little or no oil. The coating is free of PBA, PFOA, and other harmful substances.


Our Cleverona pan is thick. The metal is sturdy, and the heat is distributed evenly. The metal resists warping or denting.  They take a while to heat up because they are thick, so they don’t burn food easily unlike thin pans which tend to burn food on the outside.

Detachable Handles

Generally, a pan need not have detachable handle to be awesome which is why our pan is quite fantastic than most. It has heat resistant, strong handle to help you transport the pan from one heat source to another.  The handle stays cool during the cooking process.  It is detachable for easy storage and convenience.

Additional Features

Our pan comes with a universal large tempered glass lid which is resistant to high temperatures. You can easily monitor your food as it cooks.   Another feature of this pan is its flared rim which helps prevent dripping when pouring.

Here are some recipes that people have tried cooking using our frying pan:

White Wine Pasta Skillet with Cleverona Fry Pan

White Wine Pasta Skillet with Cleverona Fry Pan

There are two reasons why you need to add this recipe to your repertoire:

First off, you can make it under 45 minutes. Secondly, this meal is a one-skillet recipe. Perfect for your Cleverona pan.

One Pot Turkey Taco

One Pot Turkey Taco

Drizzle with lime juice and serve hot on its own or with quinoa, tortillas or in a burrito.

Korean Sweet Potato Pancake

Korean Sweet Potato Pancake

If you have several pounds of sweet potatoes lying around, this is the perfect recipe for it. It is a polish recipe with a little Korean twist to make it interesting. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our store and start whipping up your own Cleverona pan recipes!