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Simple Hacks on How to Cook Like A Pro

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to cook? It’s a huge advantage if you know how. It’s like experimenting on food and ingredients, to make every dish or meal perfect for the palate.

There’s an old saying that a way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. The same holds true today as we are more engaged with different kinds of food and cooking. As you know, cooking is not just a job or an innate skill that only certain people can perform, but it can also be learned by anyone who wishes to because of the readily available resources.  

Kitchen skills can be learned. Now, there are a couple of hacks you might be interested in that can help improve your food preparation and cooking. Regardless of your skill level, here are the simple hacks on how to cook like a pro.


  • Prepare Enough For Days On Your Free Time And Keep Them In The Fridge – Cook and prep fish, chicken, steak, veggies or whatever’s on your weekly menu. Put them in food containers or in our Large Ice Cube Mold with Lid for safer storage, and keep them in the fridge for several days of consumption.


  • Peel Fresh Boiled Eggs Quickly By Submerging Them In Cool Water – After about two minutes of submerging freshly boiled eggs in cool water, use a spoon to crack one end and start peeling the shell from the inside.

 peeling hard boiled egg

  • Pre-Season Your Pan Before You Heat It - Apply a thin coat of butter or oil on your pan will strengthen its nonstick coating, making it last longer. It even covers any hidden or non-visible cracks on your Non-Stick Fry Pan.


  • Place The Fish On Top Of The Lemon Slices Before Grilling – Putting lemon slices at the bottom of the fish will prevent it from sticking or breaking apart on the grill.


  • Turn Your Fish Brown Faster By Patting It Dry – This one can be tricky but patting your fish dry before cooking might help your fish turn brown quicker.


  • Easy Open Oysters By Microwaving Them For 10 To 20 Seconds – Instead of risking using sharp objects, heating oysters in a microwave will loosen them up.

 open oysters

  • Make Your Stale Bread Appear Freshly Baked By Running Some Water On It – Before putting in the oven your hardened loaf of bread or baguette, run it through the water first. After 5 to 10 minutes from the oven, notice how crunchy and freshly baked it looks and tastes like.


  • Keep Your Baked Goods Soft And Moist By Throwing In Slices Of Apple – After some time, baked goodies become stale and dry. Keep this from happening by putting them in a plastic container with some apple slices to preserve their moisture and taste.

 freshly baked pastries

  • Have A Proper Knife Grip For Faster Chopping – To help you gain more control of the knife, place your thumb on the blade’s base above the beginning of the handle, pinch the other side using index finger, and wrap the handle with your bottom three fingers. Use the best Bamboo Cutting Board in properly chopping or slicing of the ingredients.


  • Save Time By Mixing Pancake Batter In A Plastic Bag - Use a pastry bag or a zip lock with a small cut on the corner for the pancake batter mix. You now are ready to make everyone a hot, delicious breakfast.



  • Peel Loads Of Garlic Cloves Faster By Shaking Them - Peeling each clove individually can take a lot of time. So, the secret here if you’re in a rush is to break bulbs of garlic into gloves, put them in a metal bowl, cover, and shake it with all your force.

 garlic gloves

  • Keep Your Greens Fresh Longer With Paper Towels – Try wrapping your herbs and greens in paper towels and store them in the fridge. That way, you can delay their wilting and rotting.


  • Add Honey And Balsamic Vinegar To Caramelized The Onions - If you lack time to caramelize the onions, the sweet, savory, and vibrant flavor of honey and balsamic vinegar can do the trick.


Kitchen skills are important especially in today’s world where people are into food and are becoming more independent. Many of you out there may be overwhelmed by a lot of things needed to be learned in cooking. That’s why these shortcuts or what we call “simple hacks” used by many chefs are made to be useful and make yourself seem like a real cooking pro.