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Valentine’s day is coming up, and you might find yourself choosing to stay at home rather than going out on an elaborate date. And with Covid-19 protocols in place, staying in might not be such a bad idea. A simple day filled with fun activities can make this Valentine’s Day a lot more romantic and memorable than a fancy dinner at any restaurant. 

Your date at home begins at breakfast

Start Valentine’s day right with breakfast and get energized for a great day ahead. Create a Valentine’s day theme breakfast by making heart-shaped waffles or pancakes. Bring it up to your bedroom along with flowers for a cozy and romance filled breakfast in bed with your partner. The extra effort you put in waking up early to cook breakfast will not go unnoticed.

breakfast in bed


Dress up for a date

Don’t skimp out on dressing up just because you’re spending the day at home. Take time to look great for your partner. Put on nice clothes, fix your hair, and apply light makeup for the girls. Getting dressed for the occasion will put you in the right mood for celebrating. You can also wear matching pajamas for when you snuggle up later in the evening.

girl getting ready

Have fun with games

It doesn’t have to be all cuddling, kissing, and romance. Laughing and having a great time together is as memorable as having a romantic dinner. Play video games or board games and enjoy the competition. You can even set a prize for the winner and punishment for the loser to spice things up a bit. In the end, it’s not about who won but about the great time you’ve spent in each other’s company.

couple playing video games


Cook dinner together

Having a candlelight dinner together is quite romantic, but cooking dinner together is twice as fun. Plan out your menu and choose which course each of you will prepare. Taste and compliment each other’s dishes while you cook. Be playful and have fun! You can cook for one another to add excitement. The time you’ll spend together preparing for each other’s dinner will be worth it. 

couple cooking

Time in front of the TV isn’t so bad

You can’t go wrong with a classic romantic movie. Just make sure you make it extra special. Set up a comfy area where you could watch and cuddle. Set the mood with dim lighting, and make sure to have snacks ready if you ever get the munchies.

Another great idea is to catch a livestream concert. It’s great to be able to watch a live performance of your favorite band or artist in the comfort of your own home while you cuddle up. If you can’t find a livestream concert to watch, you can always choose from recorded shows on various streaming sites out there.

couple watching tv


Backyard campfire romance

The slight chill in the air and warmth of a fire pit sets the mood for some nice cuddling. Cap off the day by setting up a fire right in your backyard. Get chairs or a couch that can accommodate you both so you can snuggle up comfortably. Enjoy an intimate night with a warm coffee or hot chocolate while chatting in each other’s arms. You can even toast some marshmallows for that real campfire feel.

couple firepit

Leave notes

Being sweet never gets old. As you go through Valentine’s Day, leave random love notes for your partner. Leave a romantic note when you bring breakfast in bed or when you give her flowers. The possible locations to leave your heartfelt messages are endless. Make sure to keep it short, concise, and very easy to spot. A small gesture as simple as leaving a love note will mean more than you’ll realize.