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Fun Weekend Activities To Enjoy With The Family While Stuck At Home


Time seems to go at a snail’s pace when stuck at home, and with the weekend coming up, you’ll need a break from just being online all the time. The kids are also coming off week-long online classes and are looking forward to something exciting to do this weekend. Since most of us are still stuck at home and can’t go out due to the pandemic, we’ve listed down some fun activities you can enjoy at home with the family. 



Baking is not just for adults, and involving the kids in the activity is a fantastic idea. It’s an excellent way for kids to develop skills and practice math. Let them do everything but with guidance. Baking can be a bit hands-on, so don’t be scared to make a mess, especially if it’s your first time. Start with simpler recipes and work your way up to the more complicated ones. While the preparation can be perfectly safe, everyone should use the proper equipment when handling hot items.


Board games

Put away the gadgets and play a classic board game. Board games are a fun way to bring people closer, strengthen relationships, and connect with the family. Turn it into a teachable moment as board games are an excellent way for young kids to learn problem-solving, cognitive skills, and decision making.  It’s a great bonding activity for the family as it also allows much-needed conversations with each other.

 board games

Arts and crafts

Why not tickle your brain for a moment and let those creative juices flow? Have fun creating something together as a family, and express yourselves through your creations. Encourage the kids to come up with ideas on what and how to make. Some examples of arts and crafts that you can do are painting, drawing, crochet, pottery, scrap-booking, and tie-dye printing. The list is endless!

 arts and crafts

Backyard picnic

Are you getting tired of spending time indoors? Take the activities outside the house and spend time in your backyard. A backyard picnic is a great way to stretch those legs, relax, and get some fresh air in the comfort of your own home. Lay down a nice water-resistant blanket to make sure you stay dry, even on damp grass, and add a few pillows for comfort. Bring out food straight from the kitchen and spend lunch out in the open air. You can also arrange games for kids to play or set up an above-ground pool to cool off.

 family picnic


While you’re out in the backyard, you can tend to your plants and prepare for early spring. Get the kids involved and interested. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and have fun. Label each plant or seed that the kids have sown so they can see it grow themselves. Teach the kids on proper care and maintenance of the garden. You can do this every weekend as you’ll need to tend to the plant occasionally.

 kid gardening

Movie night

Movie nights can be extraordinary, especially when you’re watching with your family. Share a good laugh with comedy or cry your hearts out with drama. The shared emotions will bring your family closer together. Lay down blankets and cushions on the living room floor for the kids to lay in. Prepare snacks for the whole family to enjoy. Watching a movie is a simple way to bond over a good film and great snacks.

 movie night

Indoor camping

Another great idea is to set up an indoor camp in your living room. You can even watch a movie night right from your tents! Put a fake campfire in the middle of the room and hang holiday lights on the ceiling to mimic stars for a campsite feel. Prepare smores and hot choco to enjoy while you get ready to sleep. Indoor camping provides a safe and suitable environment where you can prepare the family for the real thing. The kids will certainly appreciate the effort put in to create this fantastic scene and cherish the time you spent with them.

 indoor camping