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Make Your Life Easier with the Pratipad Multipurpose Silicone Pot Holders

Have you considered using silicone products to protect the things you love in your kitchen?  Day in and day out, you find yourself slaving in front of the stove, cooking meals, and serving dishes.  There is nothing better than cooking delicious meals for your family and being appreciated for your culinary talents. =)

Unfortunately, disaster often happens in the kitchen.  You can burn your hands while handling pots; or you can burn your antique dining table with a scalding hot pot!  Cooking should be fun.  It shouldn't be disastrous!

Fortunately, there are kitchen products that you can use to protect your hands and kitchen tables and sinks from scalding heat.  You can always get a potholder, a jar opener, and a trivet for protection against kitchen disasters.  To get the best protection, you need all three!  This means more items to take up space in your kitchen.

But why get all three different tools when you can just get one tool that can do the job of all three?  That is exactly what Pratipad does.

What is the Pratipad?

The Pratipad is a multipurpose silicone pot holder, trivet, and jar opener.  This product combines the amazing features of silicone with the flexibility and ease of cloth potholders to create the perfect kitchen tool.

Its features include the following:

  • It is made of silicone. They won’t easily get damaged from high heat or cold temperatures.  They won’t easily melt or change shapes as well.
  • It is multifunctional. It can be used as a potholder, a trivet, or a jar opener.  You can use it anywhere where you need an extra grip.
  • It is lightweight.  Its unique honeycomb pattern decreases its weight.
  • It offers superior heat and cold protection.  You can use it when handling extremely hot or cold items.  The honeycomb pattern evenly distributes temperature to protect your hands.  The Pratipad can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 446°F (-40°C to 230°C).
  • It is durable and easy to clean.  You can throw it inside the dishwasher to clean it.  It can withstand intense bending and twisting.
  • It includes 2 silicone potholders, one purple, and one gray.

pratipad multipurpose silicone pot holders

100 Times Better Than Cloth Potholders

This product is easy to use and quite manageable unlike the countless bulky, cumbersome, and awkward silicone gloves you have tried before.  This is also considerably better than cloth potholders which when damp or wet hardly offer protection against heat.  When using cloth, you tend to get burnt if you hold a pan too long or fail to double fold your potholder.  With Pratipad, you can hold a pan for long periods of time without worrying about getting burnt.

If you hate the heat, you might hesitate to use this at first.  Once you used them, you wouldn’t feel any heat at all!  You wouldn’t purchase cloth potholders after using them. They are thick, but they are not so bulky that they’d be hard to use.  

Cloth potholders, when double folded, tend to offer a weaker grip.  This is not the case with this product.  It offers good control, so you wouldn’t have to fear that you’d have pans slipping out of your hand.

Why Are They Better Than Others?

If you haven’t started using silicone items in your kitchen, you will discover the many benefits of silicone with the Pratipad.  This set includes two potholders that are both under ¼ inches thick.  These potholders are both slick and flat, with honeycomb-like texture on them.

This makes the material perfect for gripping up a hot dish.  You can use them on heavy and light dish, and you won’t feel any heat coming through them.  They’re perfect for when you use your crockpot because their grip is amazing.  You won’t get burn when you handle heavy crockpots.

Another great thing about silicone pads is that you can use them as trivet under a hot dish.  You can use two, carry a dish from the oven to the table, place one on the table, and put a hot dish on top of it.  These potholders are of good size, so they protect your tables and cabinet tops from the heat.  You can use both potholders for a bigger surface, and you can set your crockpot on top of them.  You do not have to transfer the dish to another bowl.

They each have holes in the corner, so you can easily hang them on a hook inside your cabinet doors and they will be right where you need them.

These potholders have a strong grip.  You could have your sugar shaker lid stuck on for a week, but with one firm twist using Pratipad, you can have the lid coming right off.

They are also incredibly easy to clean.  You can just wash them in soapy water and let them dry naturally. You can also just throw it in the dishwasher because it is really sturdy.  It can withstand the twisting and bending.

They are so multifunctional.  You can even use them as a coaster for potted plants!  One person has even used it as a chocolate chip maker.  After all, it’s a silicone mold just like any other mold.

What Do People Say About Them?

“These are so useful around my kitchen!  The texture makes it really easy to grip pots and pans without slipping. They are so easy to clean!  I wish they came in red and black to match my kitchen, but the colors are really vibrant and pretty!”Megan

“When these Pratipad Multipurpose Silicone Pot Holders came, I was very excited to try them out!! They have a nice feel in my hands. I used them to take a cookie sheet out of the oven. They had a nice grip, no slipping or sliding in my hands. They felt comfortable to use. I was a little anxious because I usually use pot holders but these felt good and did not burn my hands. The colors are a nice purple and soft mint. I also used them as a trivet to put a casserole dish on. I liked that we could eat right at the table with the casserole being right there also. I have not used it as a jar opener yet, but that will be convenient also.”Empty Nest Mama

“I just received my new silicone pot holders and I love the feel and quality of them. First thing I noticed is the flexibility and durability. I have already used them for opening a jar.  The grip is excellent.  I heated a mug of hot water in the microwave and used them to take it out. Didn't even begin to get warm on my hand so excellent heat protection as well. I love the color and the fact that there is a hole that allows you to hang them. I also love the fact that you can just put them in the dishwasher to clean. The company offers a life time no questions asked guarantee so there is nothing to lose. You will be as happy with this product as I am. Great product at a great price.”Rose

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