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Different Uses of Pratipad’s Silicone Pot Holders

With the right kitchen tools, you can definitely enjoy cooking.  If you’re often whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen or preparing dinner for your family, you probably need to get the right kitchen tools and gadgets to help you out.  The fastest way to spoil a great time preparing food is burning something like your hands!  This is why you need to stock up on the right kitchen tools like Pratipad’s silicone pot holders.

Silicone pot holders are made up of polymer that includes silicon, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements.  These are low taint materials that have become an important kitchen tool.  In the recent years, they have become quite popular all over the world, and they are now sold in almost every store selling kitchen products.  But what is so great about these pot holders?  Why should you throw out your other pot holders in favor of this one?

Yes, there are a lot of options in the market when it comes to silicone pot holders, but you might want to get something that is multifunctional.  It is really easy to go to the nearest store and grab a silicone potholder. You can definitely do that.  But why settle for a product that can do just one thing when you could always buy a product that could do more for you.

Why Buy Three Products When This Product Can Do It All!

Why not get potholders that could also function as jar openers and trivets?  You do not have to buy these products separately.  Why bother when your pot holder can help you open jars and function as trivets too!  Why purchase three separate products when you can buy a single product that work as a trivet and a jar opener too!

A Great Silicone Pot Holder

Great Silicone Pot Holder

Pratipad silicone potholders are lightweight. They offer superior heat protection. They have a unique honeycomb patter which helps decreases weight. The same pattern also helps distribute the heat, so your hands will be protected.

Silicone is also nonstick, so you can use it without worrying that it will stick on the pots or pans you’re handling. The food does not stick on the surface, so it is incredibly east to clean without a lot of scrubbing.

With silicone pot holders, you can protect your hands from heat, spills and burn. Since it is made of silicone, it offers flexibility and dexterity.  It also offers secure grip on surfaces. You will be able to pick up small and large items without burning your hand.

They are also easy to manage than other kinds of pot holders. You can use them to grip and handle small handles and edges. The newer designs in the market have many more qualities than conventional pot holders. They offer superior heat resistance. They are waterproof and stain-proof. They are also non-porous.

Silicone pot holders can withstand high temperatures, so they don’t get hot while you move pots and pans from ovens and stoves to countertops or tables. These things can even withstand scorching steams, so they’re ideal for handling pressure cooker and moving a pot of boiling water.

Pratipad’s Silicone Pot Holders

A Heat Resistant Trivet

The heat-resistant silicone in a honeycomb pattern offers a secure barrier to protect tabletops and counters from hot pots and pans.  The Pratipad silicone pot holders can act as a heat-resistant trivet.  They can withstand extreme heat from -40°F to 446°F.  They are perfect for use in ovens, microwaves or freezers.   They are flexible and high-stain resistance.

They do not break down when exposed to heat.  If very hot pots and pans need to place on your kitchen table or stove, just place the pot holders beneath them.  They would protect the wood from the heat and safeguard the texture of your countertops.  Their ability to retain shape despite heat makes for superior trivets.

They are so easy to maintain.  You can just throw them in the dishwasher or the washing machine, and they can withstand all the twisting and bending.  They are quite durable.

A Strong Silicone Jar Opener

The pot holder is designed to give you control of hot pots and pans.  It is textured for great grip. The silicone rubber makes opening jars incredibly easy.  It offers great and comfortable grip, so you do not have to apply a lot of pressure.  This minimizes hand and joint discomfort.  You can use these pot holders to open and twist top jars of all shapes and sizes.  They also provide grips to open stubborn cupboard handles and doorknobs.  They are perfect for people with arthritis or weak hand grip.

Silicone pot holders come in various shapes and sizes.  They also come in different colors.  When buying a pot holder for your home, it might be a good idea to buy a Pratipad silicone pot holder which you could also use as a trivet and jar opener as well.  You will have the function of three kitchen tools for the price of one.

Where Can I Find a Silicone Pot Holders in Various Sizes and Shapes?

You can add one to your cart by going to our silicone pot holders page. They come in red, navy blue, dark grey, and green grey variations.