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 Easy Julienne Fries

Julienne is a type of culinary cut. Its other names are allumette or french cut. Food items are typically cut into long thin strips, quite similar to matchsticks. Usually, this method is used when preparing carrots julienne.  It is also used for cutting celery for céléris remoulade.  It is the perfect cut for potatoes if you're preparing Julienne Fries.

It is also the type of potato fries that is easiest and fastest to cook - and this is what this recipe is all about. It's easy and delicious. You can create the julienne cut by using your processor or mandoline, but we tried to cut the potatoes manually for this recipe.

Use any neutral oil when frying.  Ideally, it should be an oil that can handle the high temperature.  We'd recommend peanut. Add bacon fat for extra flavor.  Make sure to salt your fries immediately after removing them fry the fryer. Salt sticks better when the fries are hot.

julienne fries


  • 6 medium sized Yukon Gold potatoes, Julienne cut.
  • 6 cups oil, preferably peanut oil
  • Fine salt


  • Place potato sticks in ice water to help remove excess starch, and then dry.
  • Place a deep frying pan in your burner and add oil.
  • Turn burner into high and bring your oil to a boil.
  • Place your Julienne cut potatoes in the pan one cup at a time until they turn golden brown.
  • Transfer potatoes to a paper towel-lined pan or plate to remove excess oil.
  • Season as desired.

julienne fries

If you'd like to do this cut manually, make sure to equip yourself with the best kitchen tools like a sharp knife and a reliable cutting board. We particularly enjoy using our chopping board because of its deep grooves which prevent liquids from spilling over. It can also function as a serving board. Grab yours here.

julienne fries