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Infused water, or detox water, is blended with various fruits and herbs that can have enormous health benefits. It contains all the hydration of a cool glass of water and the bright, sweet, and tangy flavors of your chosen ingredients. 

In addition to just keeping you hydrated, this flavored water can help alleviate a number of uncomfortable symptoms. And it’s a great reason to start incorporating it into your daily routine. The main benefits of drinking infused water come from the simple fact that it is water. Drinking enough water is essential to maintaining good health and a sharp mind. Take a look at some of our favorite combinations!


Raspberry and Lemon Infused Water

This Raspberry and Lemon Infused Water is the perfect substitute if you're craving for raspberry lemonade but trying to cut back on your sugar intake.

Photo by: Taste of Home

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Fruit Infused Water (Strawberry Orange and Mint)

Fruit-infused water is a delicious and healthy drink made with only 3-4 easy-to-find ingredients in just 5 minutes. You can even use the leftover fruits to use on other recipes like smoothies.

Photo from: Cleverona

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Blackberry Mint Infused Water

This Blackberry Mint Infused Water is refreshing, slightly sweet, and is an amazing infusion packed with antioxidants.

Photo by: The Balanced Berry

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Grapefruit and Rosemary Infused Water

This delicious Grapefruit and Rosemary Infused Water drink is refreshing and packed with vitamins to help you stay hydrated.

Photo by: The Rooted Farmhouse

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Cucumber Water

The refreshing botanical flavor of Cucumber Water is like drinking bottled relaxation. Cucumber water requires just cucumbers and water. But to make it, you do need one more extra thing.

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Citrus Detox Water

This Citrus Detox Water will have your body feeling refreshed and healthier. It's super simple to make and you can just keep adding fresh water for up to two days before making a new batch.

Photo by: My Diary of Us

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Blueberry Orange Water Infusion

This infusion of blueberries, oranges, and rosemary manage to be both intensely flavorful and incredibly refreshing. This water infusion can be made with Blood, Jaffa, or Cara Cara Navel oranges.

Photo by: Desi~licious RD

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Looking for something to put your infused drink in?

Pratico Kitchen 18 oz.Leak-Proof Clear Glass Water Bottles

These bottles have larger than average mouth, enough to fit sliced fruits or vegetables, while the leak-resistant cap prevents messy spills so you can safely store them in your bag or car without worry. They’re designed with clear measurement marking that make them convenient for portion control and tracking.

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Pratico Kitchen SnapPour Pitcher

This larger-than-your-typical “large” pitcher holds 3.2 Quarts (3 Liters or 73.6 Ounces), making it the ideal pitcher for water infusion. It provides plenty of space for more fruits and vegetables while allowing you to conveniently infuse more water at the same time.

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