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Where to Get Pumpkins in Los Angeles

October is in full swing.  It doesn’t matter what kind of fall weather you may be experiencing; that doesn’t change the fact that you’d soon be celebrating Halloween.  You know what that means, right? Halloween, along with all its trimmings, means big pumpkins and orange squashes everywhere!  They sprout up all over Los Angeles.  Are you prepping for your family’s pumpkin carving experience? Then, you may want to know where to get pumpkins in Los Angeles.

There are tiny pumpkin patches all over the city.  They’re quite charming, and they’re often available during the last minute when you suddenly find yourself in need of more pumpkins.  It’s a great idea to start scouring the city for the perfect pumpkins now.  Of course, you could easily buy a gourd from the local store, but why not make it a little extra special for the kids?

A trip to a pumpkin patch will make for a special Halloween preparation.  These pumpkin patches have so many things to offer.  From carnival games and face painting to petting zoos, your kids will definitely find something fun to do.  However, you don’t want just any ordinary experience, right?  You probably want something unique and fun for your kids.  So, here is a list of the best patches in the city:

1. Tapia Brothers Farm

tapia brothers farm

If you’re wondering where to get pumpkins in Los Angeles, you might want to drive to the Tapia Brothers Farm.  Don’t forget to bring your kids.  They will love the corn maze that they will find there.  There is a huge corn maze across the patch itself.  It’s so fun.  In fact, you will need a map just to get through the maze.  There are exciting trivia questions too.

You will need to scavenge through the maze to find the answers.  Once you’ve answered all the questions, you can then qualify for a chance to win $100 cash.  They also have pumpkins galore and a fresh farmers market.  You have to try their kettle corn – it’s to die for!  Your kids will also love the bounce houses, tractor-pulled train, hay wagon, and pony rides.

2. Mr. Bone's Pumpkin Patch

mr bones pumpkin patch

It is hard to miss this pumpkin patch with its giant rocking horse and petting zoo.  It’s like someone literally dragged a farm from the country to the city.  Aside from pumpkin decorating, your kids will also love the find face painting, mini-straw maze, super slide, and numerous food and drink stands.  You will love their shaved ice stand.

3. Forneris Farms 


This farm has been around for a century.  This year, it’s going to celebrate its 100th year anniversary by going all-out with its fall festival.  It’s the place to visit if you’re wondering where to get pumpkins in Los Angeles.  Your kids will love the four-acre corn maze and pony rides.  You will enjoy the live entertainment and impressive pumpkin selections.

You can go on guided tractor ride through the farm.  There’s a hay bale mini-maze, hay pyramid, petting zoo, and giant pumpkin jumper for your kids. They will also enjoy the harvest-themed games or quest for the best pumpkin.  There are food and refreshment stands for when you get hungry and thirsty. 

4. Shawn's Pumpkin Patch 


If you’re on a tight budget, you can still have a lively pumpkin patch experience.  This is the spot for you.  Admission is free.  Activity prices are considerably low.  They range from $3 to $9.  Most activity prices fall toward the affordable end.  There are giant slides, train rides, merry-go-rounds, bungee jumps, obstacle courses, petting zoos, and more.  It’s actually a pumpkin carnival.  There are unique attractions like the Play Land where kids can catch flying balloons.  They also have the “Orbotron” where your children can spin around while harnessed to a giant ball.  It’s a massive place, with lots pumpkins and lots of activities for kids and adults.

5. Tina's Pumpkin Patch

    tina pumpkin patch

    There is something about a friendly llama that makes this charming patch one of the must-visit spots in Los Angeles.  Maybe your kids are not into the whole pumpkin picking thing.  Maybe you’re not into Halloween at all.  However, they’d likely enjoy the petting zoo and the motley chicken crew.  There are pony rides, inflatable slides, free straw maze, and basketball hoops.

    If you’re wondering where to get pumpkins in Los Angeles, these are a few of the best places in the city.