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Top Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Foodie Dad

It's that time of the year again when you have to pick out a gift for your old man. If yours is a "foodie dad" who you really like to surprise with a gift he will love, we have just the perfect gift ideas for you to look at.  

18 oz Glass Water Bottles

Fathers Day Gift Ideas - 18oz Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are a fun companion not only when you need to hydrate throughout the day. They also make sanitary and efficient containers for homemade sauce, salsa, and stock - things your foodie dad considers a must in the kitchen. Get these glass bottles today from Pratico Kitchen.


Fathers Day Gift Ideas - DIY BBQ Rub

Is your dad working on eating clean? A jar of preservative-free spices and rubs will surely make him happy. Take for example this jar of BBQ Rub from Delia of Delia Creates. It has everything dad needs for his upcoming BBQ session minus the excess salt and preservatives that are common in ready-made BBQ rubs and mixes.

DIY Herb Planter

There is nothing quite like having fresh herbs whenever one cooks. So why not gift dad with an herb planter you made yourself? Dads are the family's handymen so giving him something that you made on your own will surely surprise him. You also have the option of sourcing the materials and giving them to him as a kit. You two can then make the planters together.

Homemade Energy Bars 


Dad will love these simply because these energy bars are healthy snacks on the go. Make your energy bars extra special for him by wrapping each bar individually. Line each bar with something you can write a sweet note on. This way, whenever he wants to grab a snack, he'll get something that fills his heart as much as it fills his tummy.

Try this Dates and Dark Chocolate Energy Bar Recipe from our blog.

Silicone Ice Cube Tray with No-Spill Steel Rim 


These ice cube trays are unlike any other. Aside from making the perfect ice cubes for drinks, these silicone trays are also great for storing pre-portioned food, broth or stock, and frozen snacks. But here is the real surprise with these silicone ice cube trays - they can double as baking trays! You can make breakfast cubes with them in the oven.

Go ahead and surprise dad with these ice cube trays!

11" Cleverona Essential Nonstick Fry Pan + Clever Lid



Here are the main reasons why we think foodie dad will love this combo:

  • The fry pan's nonstick surface requires very little oil even for frying jobs
  • The pan's thick bottom is compatible with any heat source and is warp-resistant
  • The detachable handle, which is first in the market, provides so many cooking, washing and storage options!
  • The lid fits any 9.5 to 11-inch diameter cookware
  • The lid stays cool even when used during cooking

Know more about this Cleverona Essential and Clever Lid combo at our shop.

Monthly Wine Subscription Box

Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Winc

Because 1 out of 365 days is never enough to celebrate dads, why not get him something new each month? Perhaps a box with 4 bottles of wine, each especially curated to delight his palate will suffice. This gift idea may sound so expensive but in reality it is not. Thanks to wine subscriptions.

If dad is someone who loves to cook with wine or if he is someone who loves wine, get him a monthly subscription to services such as Winc.

SmartFlip Bamboo Portable Outdoor Picnic Folding Table

Foodies love picnics. This is why a picnic table is a great Father's Day gift too. Whether dad is big when it comes to outdoor food, weekend BBQs and beer with his buddies, or if he is into fishing trips, he will surely like the SmartFlip table from Beckworth and Co.

Check out this video and see for yourself how easy it is to set it up and take down:

So have you decided on what to get foodie dad on Father's Day? Maybe you can get your siblings or your mom to help you choose. Share this blog post with them and dad might just get 2 or 3 items from this list. Good luck!