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Top 5 Cooking Hacks for Eating on The Road

When you are on the road, and traveling by RV, a homecooked meal doesn’t have to be a thing you must live without. You can easily prepare good meals with some ingenuity and planning. Here are the top 5 cooking hacks for eating on the road.

Spaghetti with Sauce

Prior to your trip, portion out your favorite sauce in silicone ice cube trays and then freeze for individual servings. As you are preparing the pasta, pop out one sauce cube, for each serving, and let it warm in a small firesafe dish, over the fire. Be sure to stir the sauce every couple of minutes so it doesn’t stick or burn as the cube melts.

If you are cooking your pasta over a fire, and want less dishes, you can take the sauce cubes and put them in individual zip lock bags. As the water is heating up, place the zip lock bag and let it warm up with the water. Before the water starts to boil, be sure to remove the baggie.

You can use the ice cube trays for a variety of dishes, from pasta alfredo (freezing the cheese sauce) to gravy for a chicken dish.

Spaghetti with Sauce

Single Skillet Breakfast

Make meals a cinch to cook and clean up with single skillet recipes. For breakfast, cut up some potatoes and let them cook for a few minutes while you prep the other veggies. Dice up onions, peppers, mushroom, and/or tomatoes, and add them to the pan. Let your imagination run wild with the concoctions you drum up. Take some ham or frozen sausage links, cut those up, and toss them in the pan, as well. Toss in a handful of shredded cheese for a tasty addition. Finally, crack a few eggs over the cooked veggies, and fry lightly, or scramble eggs and pour them into the skillet. Be sure to grease your pan well before you start cooking to prevent sticking, or use a nonstick fry pan.

Single Skillet Breakfast

Dutch Ovens or Pots with Removable Handles

Where you plan to do most of your cooking will determine the type of cookware you will want to invest in. If you plan on doing a lot of fire cooking, a couple of Dutch oven pans and skillets will be sufficient. You can cook nearly all your meals in a well-seasoned Dutch oven.

If you opt to use the stove in your RV, and space is limited, you can purchase pots and pans with removable handles. This will make storing them easier in a small space. The pot handle can be removed and reattached with a snap, making it simple and secure.

Cleverona Essential Nonstick Fry Pan with SecureSnap Detachable Handle

Make Friends with Your Crock Pot

When on the road, a crock pot can be your best friend. Place all the ingredients in a pot in the morning and by dinner time you will have a finished meal. Crock pots can be great for making stews and pot roasts. Be sure if you are using it when traveling that you have a lid that locks into place.

For even faster cooking, you can invest in an Instapot. These electric pots cook whole chickens in under an hour. While you build your fire and pour yourself a drink, the Instapot can be instantly making you dinner.

Crock Pot

Walking Tacos

Walking tacos are everyone’s favorite. If everything is prepared ahead of your trip, all you need to do is warm up taco meat in a disposable foil pan or in a skillet. Set out your pre-cut lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and other taco fixings. Open a snack bag of taco chips and add a little bit of everything in the bag. You now have a walking taco with very little cleanup.

walking tacos

Cooking on the road does not have to be stressful and you don’t have to eat nothing but hamburgers and hotdogs. You can make some original and delicious recipes with these 5 cooking hacks, so you can eat well with ease and still have lots of time for adventures.