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Top 12 Tips for You to Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the one area in your home that you use more often than other areas.  It is important to have an organized, clean and tidy kitchen.  Your life would be much easier.  Everything would flow smoothly when you prepare and serve meals.  Here are some tips on how to organize your kitchen:

1. Clean Out Your Cabinets.

Clean Out Your Cabinets

To start organizing your kitchen, you need to clean out your kitchen cabinets.  Pull everything out of these cabinets and go through them.  Keep what you need or you frequently use and discard those you don’t need.  Donate duplicate items.  Throw away broken items.  Pull all kitchen cabinets and drawers.

2. Group Similar Items.

store similar items
Once your kitchen cabinets and drawers are all empty, take a look at what’s left and consider the best way to group them.  For instance, you can group together baking items.  You can sort together cooking items.  Group dishes together.  Glassware can be sorted together.  You can group seasonal items.

3. Store Sorted Out Items Together

kitchen utensils
Now that you have grouped similar items, you can then decide how you want to store them.  Cooking and baking pieces should be stored closed to where you do food preparation.  Store items as close to where you’re going to use them.  Utensils might be stored in drawers near the preparation area.  Glassware might be stored near the sink. You can avoid going back and forth when you do things around the kitchen.

4. Use Clear Containers When Storing Items

Use Clear Containers When Storing Items
If you would like a streamlined content, you need to group similar things together. Packets of sauce mixes, pancake packets, cocoa envelops, gravy mixes, and other similar items should be place in a small container, so you would avoid having them all mixed up inside your cabinet.

5. Store Containers with Lids

Store Containers with Lids
Throw away containers without lids, and store those with lids.  You can either store the container with the lids on them, or you can keep all the lids in another container.  You can do the same thing when storing lids for your pots and pans.  You can get a large clear box where you can store these lids nicely together.  You can also choose to create a wire rack on the sides of kitchen cabinets and hang the lids there.

6. Get Rid of Items You Do Not Use

If you haven’t used something in months, you should just get rid of it especially if it isn’t that expensive.  You can set up a garage sale and let go of some of these items.  For instance, you can rid yourself of all your potholders leaving a couple trivets, so you can free up the entire shelf.

7. Be Extra Creative If You Have a Small Space

Be Extra Creative If You Have a Small Space
If you have a small kitchen, you need to be even more creative with organizing kitchen items.  You cannot afford to store or keep items that you do not have space for.  They just end up as clutter or eyesore in your kitchen.  If you haven’t use an item for at least a year, get rid of it.

8. Utilize Vertical Space

Utilize Vertical Space
Many people fail to utilize vertical space in their kitchens.  You can place hooks underneath your kitchen cabinets, and you can hang or hold mugs.  You can also hang a stemware rack where you can hang wine glasses.  By utilizing vertical space, you will be able to free up a lot of cabinet space.  You can also utilize the inside of cabinet or pantry doors to hang various kitchen tools like measuring cups and oven mitts.

9. Use Drawer Dividers

Use Drawer Dividers
You can use a drawer divider to create more space in your drawers.  They are great for storing utensils.  Like most people, you probably have all kinds of small kitchen utensils which if not stored properly can become junky.  Divide your drawers so you can assign small spots for these little items.  You will know where to find them and where to store them.  You can use small baskets and boxes to separate drawer space and make your drawers more organized.

10. Use a Magnetic Sorter Box for Papers

Get your own magnetic sorter box that you can hang on the side of your refrigerator.  You can sort and store coupons, menus, notepad, pens and papers in this box, so the papers wouldn’t accumulate on countertops.  Make sure to sort out the paper by groups and give them their own section.

11. Remove Everything Off Your Kitchen Counters.

Remove Everything Off Your Kitchen Counters
Nothing should be placed on your counters.  Make sure to find another place where you can store everything.  If you do not have a lot of space, maybe you need to sort things out and throw out items that you don’t need.  You have more than your kitchen can store.

12. Be Creative with Your Organization

You do not have to spend a lot of money on perfect kitchen organization tools or supplies.  You just need to be creative.  You can go to a dollar store and grab items that you can convert into storage items.  You can use a transparent shoebox to store items.  Shoot!  You probably have plastic containers that you can use to store all kinds of items.

Kitchen organization can save you a lot of space.  You will find it incredibly easy to prepare food and serve meals if your kitchen is organized, clean and tidy.

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