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Give Your Kitchen a 2016 Makeover

When it comes to kitchens, you need three things to make it look inviting, fun and beautiful.  First, you need lots of natural lighting.  You need bright flashes of color.  You also need to give your kitchen an industrial edge to make it stand out.  Otherwise, it’d look like just any other bland kitchen.

Nowadays, gone are the separate-room kitchens.  This is the age where spaces are opened, and kitchens practically function as the new living room.  Nowadays, families spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in the entire house.

Modern kitchens often show a perfect combination of form and function.  Often, it features the latest in architectural design and innovation.  People are more involved when it comes to creating designs for their homes.  Kitchens are now a part of the open living space.  In fact, it is now the springboard of home design.  It is where the rest of the home’s schemes and designs stem from.

Here are the best ways to give your kitchen a 2016 makeover:

1. Get More Natural Lightning

Get More Natural Lightning

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, there is a range of options when it comes to lightning.  You could choose to go with natural or artificial light.  However, if you’d like to give your kitchen the best lightning – make sure to use natural light or sunlight.  In fact, this should be your primary consideration.  A well-planned electrical layout will enliven your kitchen.  Make sure to add skylights.  You don’t need numerous cupboards.  Install glass window ceilings instead.  You might also want to consider secondary daylight.  This means getting the natural sunlight from another room.  This means taking out walls if the kitchen doesn’t get direct light.  This is why modern homes nowadays have an open layout.

2. Give It a Dash of Color

Give It a Dash of Color

When it comes to kitchen colors, people tend to play it safe.  They want bland colors.  But if you’d like to give your kitchen a 2016 makeover, you should consider giving your kitchen a dash of color.  Your cabinets need not be of the same color and style.  Nowadays, you will see an eclectic mix of colors.  Of course, the design should still be tasteful.  While you may love splashing colors, it doesn’t mean that you should transform your kitchen completely with different colors.  Just give your kitchen some accent colors of yellow and red.  You can add colors to the flooring or tile surrounds.  

3. Be Creative When It Comes to Seating

Be Creative When It Comes to Seating

Even small kitchens can have beautiful kitchen seating.  After all, this is something that all kitchens should have.  Yes, this can be a problem if you have a small kitchen, but there is always a solution to your problem.  If you have a small kitchen, you can have customized folding tabletops or stools.  You can wheel them beneath tables.  This is an excellent way to minimize the use of space without giving up beautiful kitchen seating.

You can also set up a built-in booth or an L-shaped banquette.  This helps used up the corner space.  You can also use space-enhancing tricks to give the impression of a much larger space.  A table for two can instance when placed beside a wall with floor-to-ceiling mirrors can look way bigger than it is.

4. Give It an Industrial Sass

Give It an Industrial Sass

Don’t be afraid of forged tins or welded aluminum.  Don’t shy away from using steel or iron to give your kitchen dome industrial edge.  There is beauty in this utilitarian design.  They can be gorgeous if you mix them with timber and other textures.  Give your cabinets a matte finish.  Give your furnishings a high gloss accent.

Install open shelves, so you would be able to display your culinary tools.  Highlight these tools by introducing simple lighting options like downlights and pendants.  This lightning focuses on function instead of decoration.  You get a more streamlined finish. They also look more serviceable.

5. Keep the Design Clean and Simple

Keep the Design Clean and Simple

Nowadays, designers are trying hard to keep appliances hidden.  So, you get modern kitchens where fridges and microwaves appear with the push of a button.  When you’re aiming for a minimalist look, a kitchen with integrated storage space is the way to go.  You can keep the clutter concealed as well.  You can install sliding panels to conceal things easily from sight.


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