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Five Must-Have Kitchen Tools That Will Make Cooking Fun

Homemade meals are healthier and less expensive than takeout meals. But the truth is: this current generation has more money to spend on fast food than the time to cook their own food.

However, if you are someone who resolves to start living well this year, you should definitely consider making your own food. While this can be a challenge, one secret to taking this on is to invest in kitchen tools that will make cooking fun.

Get glass bottles

Glass bottles are primarily used in storing homemade juices. However, they are also good to use for storing liquid ingredients for cooking such as sauces and puree.

Kitchen Supplies - Glass Bottles

Glass is a hygienic food container. You can see through a glass bottle. You do not have to open the container as often as you would with opaque containers. This prevents the ingredients from getting stale fast especially when your bottle caps are leak-proof.

Working out your liquid ingredients' portions while you cook also becomes easier when you pour from a glass bottle with measurement marks.

A bamboo cutting board is a basic kitchen need

Sustainability should be a factor to consider when you buy kitchen tools. This is why bamboo cutting boards are the choice of environment-conscious cooks.

Kitchen Supplies - Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo boards are less porous than wooden boards. Thus, making them more sanitary. Did you know that bamboo has a natural ability to resist bacterial growth? Its surface can also resist knife scars which prevent food particles from seeping into the material. Because of its rustic look, your bamboo cutting board can also double as a serving tray.

Go beyond ice cubes with silicone ice cube trays

Gone are the days when ice cubes were the only thing that ice cube trays can make. Now, silicone ice cube trays can be used for the following:
  • Freezing homemade broth
  • Freezing oil and herbs
  • Storing homemade sauces & purees
  • Making homemade bite-size energy bars
  • Making juice, wine, chocolate and coffee cubes
  • Making bite-size desserts
  • Faking your sushi-rolling skills
Kitchen Supplies - Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Silicone is pliable, so you do not have to worry about liquids expanding and breaking the mold. Oven-safe silicone ice cube trays can be used for making baked goods and breakfast cups.

Make room for multi-functional silicone trivets

Silicone is becoming a favorite material for kitchen tools. That is because the material comes with so many kitchen-friendly characteristics. One is heat-resistance which makes it more than a suitable material for a trivet.

Prevent hot pots from burning your counter or from getting in contact with your dining table by resting them on silicone trivets. These also make better potholders than cotton ones.

Kitchen Supplies - Silicone Trivets

There is so much more to your hot-resistant trivet than that. Silicone works as well as rubber when opening air-locked jars. Got trivets with patterns on them? Make cute cookie patterns by pressing them on the cookie dough before baking.

Find a truly airtight pitcher

There is more to an airtight pitcher than just preventing mess in the kitchen when it gets accidentally knocked down.

For one, it helps you save space in the fridge. A pitcher that is truly airtight can be stored lying on its side. For those with little fridge space to work with, this kitchen supply is truly a must.

Kitchen Supplies - Airtight Pitcher

Another perk of getting an airtight pitcher is sanitation. Because there is virtually no cross-contamination between your beverage and the air in the fridge, the drink will not spoil as fast as it would when stored in containers with regular caps. This feature is particularly useful when you make huge batches of drinks using raw or fresh produce.

Then again, choosing smart kitchen tools is only one way to make cooking fun. The key to enjoying it is to build a mindset where cooking is a daily priority.

A switch in perspective also works. Instead of looking at cooking as a chore, think of it as an act of love. You cook for your family because you want them to eat better. You cook for yourself because eating well is self-care.

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