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6 Fall Decorating Tips on a Budget 

Fall has arrived! We don’t know about you, but it is our favorite season. It is absolutely gorgeous. The leaves are turning red and orange, and there is riot of changing colors everywhere. Fall is the season for poets and painters.  It is also a great time to start decorating for these cold months. So, here are our best decorating tips on a budget for fall.

Fall and Baskets are Best Friends

fall baskets

Baskets come cheap, and they’re also the best decoration for fall.  Look for a woven basket or two.  They add texture and warmth to a home.  They’re also the perfect storage for fall. You can use it as makeshift end table.  Place a small basket on your coffee table.  This is the perfect place to keep random stuff like the TV’s remote control.  You can also use a basket to hold throw blankets for the couch.  Look for affordable baskets online. You can repaint it if you don’t like the color.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

Fall is the perfect time for colors. So, don’t shy away from colors. Use whatever is available. Add a dash of blue or a hint of orange. Play with blush, sage, or coral. Just make sure the colors work well with your décor.  Look through your stash, and see what is available.

Reuse and Recycle

reuse and recycle

Fresh greenery and new décor never fails, but they’re not that practical. They can make a huge dent to your wallet.  It is not practical to place fresh flowers all over the house. Fresh flowers die in a day or two; and if you have kids or pets, it’s doubtful if they could last a week.  There is nothing wrong with faux fall designs. Just look for really good ones that you can use year after year.  You can also try snipping some branches off the trees in your yard.

Use Look for Free Printables

There are fall printables that are free.  You can download them, print them, and use them for decorations.

Accentuate Your Non-seasonal Decor

accentuate nonfall decor

There is nothing wrong with accentuating your non-seasonal décor for fall.  Perhaps, you have some décor lying around the house – brass candle holders, black lanterns, neutral pillows. Why not give them a little tweaking? And they’d fit just right in.

Scour Thrift Shops and Clearance Sales

The best places to find the cheapest but coolest fall decorations.  You can buy an antique banister and make a wall planter out of it. Make sure to check out thrift stores all throughout the year. Grab more coppers, brass, and gold colors. They make for a wonderful fall decoration.  When it comes to fabric, look for flannel, velvet, wool, and cable knit.

Do you have any fall decorating tips of your own? Do you like traditional colors or neutral ones? There are just so many ways to decorate your home on a budget.