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The Benefits of Using Bamboo Cutting Board and Serving Tray with Juice Groove

Perhaps, cooking is one of your passions.  Maybe you’re pretty good at it.  For people who love making delicious and complicated recipes, it can be challenging to work in a kitchen with limited cooking utensils. This is why you need a really good cutting board.

A poor quality board can dull your knives over time which can really prevent you from whipping up fantastic recipes.  Perhaps, you’re one of those people who has been using a thick block cutting board for ages.  Maybe you've tried using plastic boards.  But have you tried using bamboo cutting boards?

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why should I? I’m happy with my board.”  So, really, why use a bamboo cutting board?  To be specific, why use Pratico Kitchen’s Bamboo Cutting Board and Serving Tray with Juice Groove?

Quality Material

Pratico Kitchen’s Bamboo Cutting Board and Serving Tray with Juice Groove is designed in the United States but is manufactured in China.  The cutting board has no dyes or stains.  This is non-porous, and since it is made of premium bamboo, it has a natural antimicrobial surface which helps eliminates bad odors and prevent absorption and bacterial growth.

The board is lightweight and sturdy.  They can make scaffolding out of bamboo, so the bamboo can hold up as well.  There’s a handle at the top which makes it easy to store the board somewhere tight, and you can just easily grab it when you need it.

Extra Large and Durable

The cutting board measures 18 x 12 x ¾ inches.  It weighs about 3.1 pounds.  It is large enough to provide space for heavy duty chopping.  You wouldn’t have to worry about knife scarring or warping.  You can use it to cut just about anything - meat, fruits, vegetables and cheese.

The board is made from Moso bamboo.  You might not know this, but bamboo is actually from the grass family, but it has the quality and properties of wood.  The sustainability of bamboo is incredible.   If you’re familiar with moso, you will know that many products made from moso are quite beautiful and are of great quality.  You can expect this cutting board to last you a long time.

Gentle on Knives

It’s annoying to have to sharpen your knife constantly or replace the damaged ones.  Not everyone has the extra time and money to be always buying new ones.  Not everyone knows this, but bamboo is quite strong.  It is just as dense as hardwood.  However, it is better than plastic cutting boards because it won’t dull your knife.

Versatile Use without Creating Mess

The board is quite large, and it is reversible, so you can use it a chopping board or a serving board for cheese and epicurean delights.  The board has large deep grooves that prevent juices and liquids from dripping off the board and onto your counters or tables.

It is the perfect cutting board because it has a lot of uses. The board has rounded corners for added safety and functionality.  It has a large surface which makes it a great cutting board.

There is just plenty of room to cut large amounts of meat, fruits and vegetables.  It’ll do an excellent job cutting chicken and an apple when you need to cut them into small pieces.  You can also use it to level out a ball of pizza dough.  You can give it something to sit while you flatten it out.

Unless you’ve used bamboo before, you’ll be amazed at the difference between a bamboo board and a butcher block.  The former is a good cutting surface.  It also has a smooth finish, but surprisingly, it is so easy to cut on.  Despite multiple uses, you won’t see marks from knives.  It is durable for the long haul.

You can also use it as a serving platter for cheese, fruits, and crackers.  It looks beautiful, so it adds a certain charm to your tabletop when you use it as a decoration.  In fact, it is attractive enough to keep it on top of your counter.

It has a lovely multi-color bamboo pattern design which gives elegance to its appearance.  This is perfect for both upscale and casual kitchen and dining settings.  You don’t have to hide it like all the other discolored cutting boards you have.

Drip Edge Alone is Worth It!

There are many benefits to using this board, but the biggest draw is the drip edge.  If you like to cut up fruits, you probably know how frustrating it is to have the juice running all over the board and into your table or countertop. You’d be left with this mess that you need to clean up.

It can get exhausting.  This is why the drip edge on this cutting board alone is enough to make you want to buy it.  It can stand up to you cutting an enormous watermelon without getting a single drop of juice on your countertop.

The juice groove is deep enough to carve a 19-pound turkey without having the juices running off onto the counter.  The grooves can accommodate the flow.

Easy to Clean

It’s incredibly easy to clean.  You just need to use warm water and soap to wash the board.  You can let it air dry afterward.  Yes, it is hand wash only. You cannot throw it in the dishwasher.  The heat will damage the wood.

Hand washing will help extend the life of the board.  You might also want to look for a wood cleaner to help sanitize the board.  It’s easier to wash a bamboo board than a wooden cutting board.  It is also safer than plastic.

The juice and drip groove is easy to clean with soap for washing and a towel for washing the soap off and drying.  You can clean the board without using a lot of water.

What are you waiting for?

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