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5 Health and Fitness Tips You Need for the Holidays

Most modern day folks have trouble keeping fit during the holidays. For one, there are countless parties to attend to and where there is a party, food and drinks are a given. Another reason is that it is just hard to hit the gym between parties, work, and holiday preparations.

Did you know that the best gift you can give yourself and your family this season is good health? And this blog will help you with that.

Never skip breakfast

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.

No matter how massive of a bash your office party will be later in the day, it will never ever replace a healthy breakfast. Starting your day with a meal comprised of food with good carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals will fuel your day with energy. It will also boost your metabolism, sharpen your mind, keep food cravings at bay, and improve your mood throughout the day too.

Health and Fitness Tips - Never Skip Breakfast

All these are things you need to brave in the holiday season while you tend to your day to day chores. If you notice, all these breakfast benefits work together to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

So condition yourself to kick start your day with a hearty breakfast.

Think about healthier ingredient substitutes

Find a chance to choose healthier alternatives for the food you'll get on the table.

Don't stop at having a good breakfast. Be mindful of what your family eat the rest of the day too. This even includes all the food you will prepare for the parties and potlucks you'll host or go to this season. You don't really have to do any drastic food changes right now.

You can start with these:

  1. Go fresh instead of canned (sauces, fruits)
  2. Replace any refined white ingredient (sugar, flour, rice) with their whole and/or unrefined counterparts
  3. Use Greek yogurt instead of cream
  4. Fry and saute using extra virgin olive oil
  5. Replace red meat with tofu or fish
  6. 2 egg whites can replace 1 whole egg
  7. Use sweet potatoes instead of potatoes

Health and Fitness Tips - Consider healthier food substitutes

The key to using substitutes is to pick ingredients that are healthier but do not need a lot of acclimatization on the palate. Of course, eating well this season mean more than switching ingredients. You have to be mindful of portions too. So eat healthy and in good portions. Sometimes, fitness only takes three words "no, thank you."

Making cake for a holiday dinner?  Check out this post we have on making healthier cakes.

Keep your workout schedule intact

Make your visits to the gym a priority or at least sneak in workout throughout the day. Working out during the holidays can be tougher during "normal days". However, you have to take heart and stay on track because not only will it help you burn off excess calories. Working out also: 
  1. Pumps happy hormones into your system. Thus, making the season merrier.
  2. Complements your diet because fitness needs action more than deprivation.
  3. Conditions your mind to actually live healthy in the coming year.
  4. Boosts your immune system.
  5. Helps you sleep better.

Health and Fitness Tips - Keep your workout schedule intact

With regard to workouts, you'll be more effective when you accept that there will be days when even a 7-minute HIIT is impossible to do.

When you accept this, you will be able to think of ways to compensate for the "lost" workout time by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or perhaps walking to work instead of getting off on the nearest bus stop.

Just give yourself some time to move because the worst thing you can do when the weather outside is frightful is to stay curled up in a ball.

Make fitness a family business

More than anything else, fitness is a family business. Make gift giving a chance to help the whole family shape-up. Try and get everyone to know how cool it is to actually be healthy through this year's gift giving. Instead of the usual stuff, gift the family with treats that will make fitness fun.

Health and Fitness Tips - Make fitness a family business

Book a surprise trip to a national park and go nature hiking with the whole family. This is a great way to use those limbs, get fresh air, and de-stress from the holiday rush. Treating the family to outdoor gear or buying a workout equipment for everyone to use, is a cool way to get the family together to get fit as well.

Get enough sleep

More than just giving you physical rest, sleep is actually good for your mind too.

Sleep prevents the onset of cardiovascular and respiratory issues. It also improves your mood and your memory. Wondering what homemade goodies to bring to the potluck at your workplace? Don't know where to start with the home decor for the family dinner? Gather inspiration and then snooze. You'll be more creative when you wake up.

Health and Fitness Tips - Get enough sleep

Lastly, did you know that your metabolism and sleep is controlled in the same section in your brain? Sleeping, then, actually helps you manage your weight whether you need to gain some or lose some.

There you have it - our 5 simple ways to keep yourself and the whole family fit during the holidays. Happy Holidays!