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Top Foods Rich in Vitamin D

A touch of sunlight can activate your body’s vitamin D. There are many benefits of vitamin D in your body such as regulating calcium absorption, maintaining stronger and healthier bones, teeth, and muscles, supporting the immune system, and fighting off stress and depression.

But what if sunlight is nowhere to be found especially for those who are heavily surrounded by winter’s darkness? There isn’t enough sunlight and depending on sunlight alone for vitamin D is not enough, instead, look at your diet. Your food consumption can make wonders in achieving a good amount of vitamin D your body needs. According to FDA, most Americans need this vitamin and they recommend 400 IUs of vitamin D food intake per day from 4 years old and above.

If you’re on the lookout for some good old Ds, then here are the top foods rich in vitamin D that you should eat now.




Salmon is delicious and a great source of vitamin D, a perfect combination indeed. A wild-caught one contains a whopping 988 IUs of vitamin D per 100 grams. You can even make different tasty dishes with this fish, so it’s a win-win to include this in your meal plan.




Aside from salmon, another fatty fish made it to the spot. Sardines is one of the great contenders when you are in need of vitamin D3 as it contains 177 to 330 IUs per 3.5 ounces depending if it’s canned of a fresh catch. Lookup for sardine recipes as it’s perfect to eat for lunch or dinner.


Canned Tuna

canned tuna

You’re off to a good start if you’re a tuna fan. They’re readily available and cheaper than other fish, plus they included on the top foods to contain vitamin D at 268 IUs per 100 grams. Make delicious tuna sandwiches for an enjoyable snack for the whole family.


Beef Liver

beef liver

Moving on from the seafood, this tasty offal may not be as popular as meat, but it should not be dismissed as it’s a good source of vitamin D, A, protein, and minerals. It contains 42 IUs of vitamin D per 85 grams, which is pretty decent. Pan cook your beef liver in a Premium Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid.


Egg Yolks

egg yolk

Eggs are your cheaper, good sources of protein and vitamin D. You can prep or cook them however you want, may they be scrambled, sunny side up, hard-boiled, or poached, and you’d still get a generous amount at 41 IUs per yolk of vitamin D.


Portobello Mushrooms

portobello mushroom

A cool fact is that mushrooms also synthesize vitamin D when exposed to sunlight (UV rays). Mushrooms especially the portobello mushrooms contain 375 IUs of vitamin D. You can toss a couple of them on your eggs for a hearty, vitamin D-rich dish.




Your favorite breakfast oatmeal can boost your vitamin D as it contains 154 IUs per packet. Start your day with a warm bowl of healthy oats with milk and enjoy the day full of Ds.


Cow's Milk

cow's milk

Children are being taught to drink milk to help them grow and have stronger bones. This is true primarily because of calcium, with the help of vitamin D. A good cup of cow’s milk contains 100 to 130 IUs of vitamin D. Pour a generous amount in our premium food-grade Stainless Steel Cups.


Soy Milk

soy milk

For vegans or those who prefer plant-based milk, soy milk is a good, tasty alternative, which is also rich in vitamin D, 119 IUs per cup.




Eat it plain, flavored, or with fruit toppings, you’ll definitely get plenty of good gut bacteria and vitamin D in your favorite yogurt. In every 6-ounce, you’ll get 80 to 100 IU of vitamin D, so don’t hesitate to dig in some more.


Orange Juice

orange juice

A cup of fresh orange juice is packed with vitamin C, calcium, and 137 IUs of vitamin D. It’s a perfect drink for your meal or take a cool sip of it anywhere using the Glass Bottles with colorful Sleeves.


If you can’t get enough vitamin D from sunlight, then go with these top foods rich in vitamin D. These are your perfect go-to for the winter.