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Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Are you hosting a Halloween party tonight? Have you done the necessary preparations, but still feel like there are last minute touches you can do? Do you think that what you have achieved so far can use a little lift here and there?

Are you throwing a last minute party altogether? No worries. Here are Halloween party ideas that are easy to do and budget friendly, but will give your party the spook factor it needs.

Wicked welcome drinks

Your guests deserve more than the usual punch bowl. An open bar might be too much to set up. The boring stack of beers are just plain tasteless. Give your guests welcome drinks with some wicked kick.

After all, your guest may have had a hectic day picking out and putting together a costume. 

Certified pumpkin fan? Serve drinks from a pumpkin keg. You need a big pumpkin, a spigot, a carving tool, and your choice of beverage.

Pumpkin Keg by Tasty Trials

Make a lid for your keg by carving off the top of the pumpkin. Clean the insides of the pumpkin like you would when making a jack-o-lantern. Install and secure your spigot. Fill the pumpkin with your choice of drink and place the lid on.

Ran out of pumpkins? Work the labels instead. Print out Halloween-themed beverage labels and stick them to beer or wine bottles. Silhouette vectors of ghouls are great for this too.  

Snack attack

Instead of preparing full meals, make filling snacks instead. After all Halloween parties are more about the company, the costumes, and the fun stuff. Here are some of our favorite Halloween party ideas on snacks:

Spiderweb Pizza by Nerdy Mama

Spiderweb Pizza by Nerdy Mama

Tip: You can make a full-sized pizza version of this to save time. When it is time to serve the pizza, you can cut it up in a pentagram pattern for a more spooky feel.

Witch's Cauldron by Sarah Cook

Witches Cauldron by Sarah Cook

Tip: This recipe goes well with your toasted garlic bread and cheese sticks. You can serve the cauldron on a big serving platter. Line the edges of the platter with the garlic bread and cheese sticks.

Garlic and Cheesy Pull Apart Bread by Ciao Florentina

Garlic and Cheese PullApart Bread by Ciao Florentina

Tip: For added Halloween feel, you can drizzle the bread with mustard or tomato sauce.

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs by Delish 

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs by Delish

Tip: Add hot pepper flakes for more flavor. Try not to stick with just pumpkin designs. Go for variation.

Salmon Burger of Black Brioche Bun by Drizzle and Dip

Salmon Burger of Black Brioche by Drizzle and Dip

Tip: Make it a happy meal. Serve your black burgers with sweet potato and purple yam fries.

Spooky soundtrack

Your choice of party music will make or break the feel of the celebration. Do you want to go big on the Halloween theme? Play some spooky ambient music.

Creepy sounds like those in horror houses and horror films are too somber for your party? Checkout Halloween music playlists on apps such as Spotify.

Decors on a Dime

You will never go wrong with cobweb spray. So be sure to have at least one can. You can also gather old wine bottles and use them as candle stands.

While it is "tempting" to just leave the dust on, you need to be sure your bottles are clean. This is especially when you want to display them near food. If you want to replicate dust on your wine bottle candelabras you may use flour and a little bit of cobweb spray.

Cheesecloth Ghosts by Celebrations

If you have enough time, you can make ghost decor from gauze or cheese cloth. You will need water, glue, cut out shapes, and balloons.

Mix one part glue and one part water in a bowl. Soak gauze in mixture, wring, drape over inflated balloons. This will make the gauze hold a ghost's shape. Once the glue has dried, poke the balloons to release the gauze. Glue on the cutout shapes on your ghost.

Last but not the least, drape white blankets over your furniture. This will cost you nothing but will give your place an instant horror feel!

Freaky Party Favors

Who says treats and favors are only for kids? Give your guests something to bring home after gracing your Halloween party.

Freaky Party Favors

Favors are also a great way to lump desserts and treats together saving you time. This will also delight your guests since your party food are more on the side of hors d'oeuvres and snacks.

Check out the fun Halloween food ideas we have featured on last week's blog.

Now you're set to throw the most spooktacular Halloween party ever. Happy Halloween!