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Simple Halloween Party Food Ideas

If you’re going to throw a Halloween bash this evening, you are probably thinking about the food. Perhaps, you’re all set. However, you might want to add these simple Halloween food party recipes to your menu. These delectable spooky treats may just add a unique flair to your party.

Yes, it can be quite tempting to just to buy frozen food and serve them to your unassuming guests. If you want to throw a fantastic party, why not go the extra mile and serve these extra special treats. They’re so easy to prepare. They will sure spook your guests.

Spider Web Hummus via Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

spider web hummus

This simple Halloween party food idea is a super easy recipe that takes only about 10 minutes to prepare. It is perfect for any Halloween party. This hummus dip uses black bean instead of chickpeas. The black beans give it the gray color, so it looks creepy. Pipe a yogurt or sour cream to create the spider web. The spiders are made of black olives that have been cut strategically to create the effect.

Graveyard Taco Dip via Better Homes and Gardens

graveyard taco dip

This is a creative, no-fuss Halloween dip that looks great on the dinner table. The best part about this taco dish is that you can add just about anything you want. People love tacos. They’re crowd-pleasers. Create a graveyard using large tortillas. Use a cookie cutter when cutting these tacos into shapes. Bake them until they’re crisp.

Mini Pumpkin-Shaped Cheese Balls via The Love Nerds

mini pumpkin-shaped cheese balls

Use cheese balls to create these bite-sized pumpkins. They look festive. They’re also fantastic Halloween appetizers. They are made from Cheddar cheese, pretzel sticks, and parsley leaves. Use a toothpick or knife to create the ridges on the sides of the mini pumpkins.

Spooktacular Halloween Pasta via Savoring Every Bite

spooktacular halloween pasta

You’d usually find squid ink on gourmet dishes, but you can use it to make the perfect spooky pasta for Halloween. This dish makes a statement. Prepare a squid ink pasta, and then top it with orange-colored sauce. It’s really simple. If you are not a huge fan of squid ink, you can always use a food color to create the startling effect.

Fun Halloween Appetizers via a Better Homes and Gardens

fun halloween appetizers

You know what’s scarier than a Halloween party? A party with bland and boring food! Make sure to prepare memorable spooky food for your guests. Start with a creative appetizer that is easy to make like this appetizer from Better Homes and Garden. It uses the simplest ingredients like cheese, ham, and crackers!

Stuffed Jack-o-Lantern Peppers via Fountain Avenue Kitchen

stuffed jack-o-lantern peppers

Surprise your guests with these delicious icky stuffed Jack-o-Lanterns. You can stuff just about anything into the bell peppers – meat, veggies, pasta, or cheese. This recipe calls for pasta though. It looks like the best choice for Halloween. They do look like cracked skulls with brain matters oozing out.

Banana Ghosts and Clementine Pumpkins via Sweet and Simple Living

clementine pumpkins and banana ghosts

This is perfect for kids with health-conscious parents. Halloween bombards children with sugary treats. Here’s a healthy Halloween party food idea: banana ghosts! You can also create clementine pumpkins. Use celery or cucumber to create the stems and chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth of your Banana ghosts.

'Pears' of Halloween Ghosts via Taste of Home

caramel pears

Caramel apples coated with chocolate and chopped nuts are fairly common. They’re the classic fall dessert, but you can also try caramel pears. They can be just as delicious. They’re also perfect for Halloween because you can turn them into Halloween ghost treats. Make a few of these as take-home treats for your guests.