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11 Quick To Prepare 4th of July Food Ideas

Fourth of July is coming closer and you know what to expect. We celebrate Independence Day by having parades, music, fireworks, gatherings, or even by simple picnic or feast at the backyard. Do you already have ideas about what food to prepare for the holiday? You might be busy with other stuff and may have limited time to go grocery shopping and cook. So, to help you, here are 11 quick to prepare 4th of July food ideas for your convenience, that’s also a sure-win.


American Potato Salad

American potato salad

Who can forget our all-time favorite potato salad which is present in almost every occasion because it’s one of the easiest to prepare? Since it’s our Independence Day, why not be freer enough on your classic recipe and have it extra special by making an American potato salad?  


Easy Beef Chao Fan

beef Chao fan in a bowl

A popular yet simple to make Chinese dish can be included in your fourth of July gathering. The combination of rice, beef, spices, and minced veggies makes the beef Chao fan a favorite staple for lunch or dinner.


Mustard Glazed Mushroom Burger

mustard glazed mushroom burger

Burgers have gone a long way in terms of variation, yet, it’s still considered as a great addition to picnics and dining tables alike. The juicy mustard glazed mushroom burger will definitely add a new flavor to your fourth of July feast.


Hot Dogs with Pickle Relish

hot dog with pickle relish

Hot dogs have been a common food present in every holiday picnics and gatherings. Give it a twist by making insatiable hot dogs with pickle relish that will leave your family or guests in awe.


Pesto Pasta Salad

pesto pasta salad on a plate

A combo of pasta and salad would make an amazing side dish. Pesto pasta salad is quick to make staple that will bring more taste to your other dishes.


BBQ Chicken Sandwich

bbq chicken sandwich on a plate

Barbecue plus chicken is a tasty, heavenly combo. This BBQ chicken sandwich will blow your mind and your mouth drooling for more.


Creamy Ceaser Coleslaw

creamy Caesar coleslaw in a bowl

Creamy Caesar coleslaw is a veggie side dish you wouldn’t want to miss. Its creaminess and irresistible healthiness will have your guests indulge on it some more.


Buttery Grilled Shrimp

buttery grilled shrimp

Seafood should be part of everyone’s feast especially on this special occasion, and our favorite shrimp should make it to the list. Prepare a buttery grilled shrimp and make them remember how special fourth of July is.


Grilled Chicken Drumsticks with Savory Caramel

grilled chicken drumsticks with savory caramel on a grill

Chicken is your main meat here and must always be. Grilled chicken drumsticks with savory caramel is a magical twist in this already flavorful dish.


Grilled Salmon

grilled salmon

Our good old salmon is making its way into the quick to prepare recipe list. Grilled salmon is never a let down in every gathering as it can be prepared and cooked in a snap without sacrificing its exquisite taste.


Pan Grilled Hawaiian Chops

pan grilled Hawaiian chops

This one is a last-minute tropical treat that everyone will surely love. This pan grilled Hawaiian chops will bring plenty of flavor to your and everyone’s palate, a taste you all won’t forget.


United States’ Independence Day, every fourth of July, is a very special occasion especially to the family of the heroes from generations ago. A great way to spend this holiday is by being with your loved ones: family and friends. A long-standing tradition to make the bonding more solid and exciting is by preparing or cooking some of the best and the most delicious dishes that you can share with everyone. Don’t try to stress yourself with what food to prepare especially if you have a lot of things to do and don’t have ample time. To make your food preparation more convenient, you can use our 11-inch Non-Stick Fry Pan in cooking some of the dishes and Large Bamboo Cutting Board where you can properly cut your meat and veggies. Having a backyard or outdoor picnic? Check our Large Portable Folding Bamboo Table if you still don’t have something to use. Just follow the 11 quick to prepare food ideas and recipes for the 4th of July celebration.