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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Amy Roskelley of Super Healthy Kids

Amy Roskelley is one of the brilliant minds and owners of She has a bachelor's degree in Health Education, and she’s very passionate about healthy living. You’d often find her going for early morning runs and experimenting with fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

Before creating and running Super Healthy Kids, she worked as a teacher and did on-site health inspections. She is the mother of three teenagers who has learned to love her healthy cooking.

She started the blog to help her spread her message about the importance of ensuring proper nutrition in children. It is also where she started selling her healthy habits plate.

A few years later, she met Natalie Monson, who just moved to the city, and they immediately hit it off. They discovered that they had a mutual love for proper nutrition, so they decided to combine their ideas and created Super Healthy Kids which became their tool in assisting parents and educators feed children properly.

They give tips and recommendations on how to meal prep once a week to always have a healthy meal on the table! If you'd like to learn more on how to give your kids healthy and scrumptious meals, sign up here.

You'd find below our interesting interview with her.

1. Which are your top three recipes that you’ve created in terms of popularity?

Our top three, most popular recipes are: Toddler Perfect Chicken Nuggets, Power Packed Fruit and Veggie Muffins and Cheesy Broccoli Bites

2. Who created the 'healthy habits plate' and why should parents buy it?

I created the Healthy Habits plate in 2007 as a way to visually teach my kids what it meant to have a balanced meal! It completely took the fight out of meal time, as my kids would literally say: Mom! I need some veggies for this section of my plate!" My kids are teenagers now, and the balanced plate concept leads all their decisions when it comes to meal time! I love that they try to have a fruit and veggie at every meal. The plate is good for parents everywhere because kids like to be independent and in charge. This helps them to make healthy choices without nagging them!

3. There are so many food blogs out there — when was your "ah-ha" moment? When and how did you realize that you could make this your career?

My Ah-ha moment was knowing that parents needed solutions. Recipes are great, but if your kids won't eat what you've prepared, then what's the point? It wasn't until 2012 (5 years after starting my blog) that I knew it would be my career. We were selling more plates, and our traffic was going through the roof. It was clear that parents needed solutions!

4. How do you involve your kids in the kitchen and in creating your recipes?

The kids are ALWAYS in the kitchen because I'm Always in the kitchen!! That's where we talk, connect, and bond about our day. They recommend different ingredients to make something taste better, and I recommend different ingredients to make it healthier. It's definitely a joint task!

5. What is your favorite ingredient - that one ingredient you've used in so many recipes?

At Super Healthy Kids the beginning of everything we do is to ask ourselves, how can we make fruits and veggies fun, simple, and delicious?

So, our favorite ingredient is definitely plant food!

I'd say, the one ingredient we have more recipes around than any other is broccoli!! Broccoli seems to be so versatile, and we can usually get most kids to try it in one way or another.

We always say to parents, if you think your kids don't like broccoli, you just haven't found the WAY they like it yet!! Keep trying and experimenting and you will stumble on the perfect recipe for them. 

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