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Easy To Prep Fall Picnic Food Ideas

This must also be the perfect time to gather your family or friends and enjoy the picnic in the outdoors. When talking about picnics, you should plan on what foods to bring. The idea should be that they are tasty, requires minimal preparation and can easily be transported while keeping its freshness over time.

Pumpkins and apples are popular this fall that’s why most of the recipes and dishes this season are made from these ingredients. Aside from these, there are still quite a lot you can use to prep for the picnic. No need to stress about what you should bring. Simplify but make your picnic foods more delicious and attractive with these easy to prep fall picnic food ideas.


Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

grilled chicken sandwich

Sandwiches are ideal to bring for a picnic because they’re easy to prep and delicious. Make your usual grilled chicken sandwich extra special this season by putting in more ingredients perfect for your fall picnic. Include bread slices, grilled chicken, sliced avocados, mozzarella, corn, basil mayo, and arugula to complete your sandwiches.


Fruit Salad Chunks

fruit salad chunks

There should always be fresh fruits in every fall picnic getaway. Fresh apples, watermelon, grapes, and the like will do, but instead of just packing them, why not simply prep to make them more inviting and easier to eat? This easy to prepare snack is flavorful, colorful, and refreshing that your family or friends will enjoy on your fall picnic. Use the freshest ripe fruits in making your fruit salad chunks. Cut your apples, pears, peaches, melon, watermelon, grapes, and other fruits you want to put into chunks on a Premium Bamboo Cutting Board, then mix with lemon honey, herbs, and nectarines.


Special Oatmeal Cookies

special oatmeal cookies

If you plan to bake, then bake one of the easiest pastries, and that is oatmeal cookies. They can be so special when you load them with raisins, chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips. Special oatmeal cookies are a treat for your autumn picnic.


Pumpkin Soup

pumpkin soup

One of the best foods to eat in cold weather is delicious soup. Since pumpkins are prominent this fall season, why not make a pumpkin soup that your family will enjoy. You can put it in a thermos so you can transport it to your picnic. Place all the food you brought for the picnic on a Portable Folding Picnic Table.


Popcorn Trail Mix

popcorn trail mix

Popcorn is an easy, tasty, go-to snack you can bring in a picnic. Why don’t you prep some and make it special by having a popcorn trail mix? You just need plain popped popcorn, dried apples, dried cranberries, mixed nuts, cinnamon, ground salt, and pepitas.


Apple Pie

apple pie

You love pies and you want to include them on your fall picnic. Since apples are substantial this season, you might as well bake some apple pies for your whole bunch to enjoy. A warm, delicious slice can touch one’s heart, especially in cool weather. Keep your apple pie fresh and warm by putting them in an Insulated Foldable Picnic Basket.


Carrot Ginger Dip

carrot ginger dip

This carrot ginger dip is a really good extra for the fall picnic usual such as breadsticks, chips, and sliced veggies. By simply combining ginger, blended or mashed carrots, and maple syrup, you can have this awesome dipping sauce and turn your boring snacks to a vibrant one. Enjoy your snacks and be one with Earth while on a Premium Picnic Outdoor Blanket.


Chopped Autumn Salad

chopped autumn salad

Some of the ingredients of this salad are what you can harvest in the fall, so it’s just fitting to prep them for your picnic. The amazing flavor of chopped autumn salad consists of chopped crunchy, fresh apple, roasted butternut squash, cucumber, radicchio, chickpeas, and feta cheese.


Strawberry Lemonade

strawberry lemonade

Don’t forget about bringing tasty drinks and beverages to your fall picnic. Aside from wine, you can easily prep a non-alcoholic drink such as strawberry lemonade. Put it in our Largepour Airtight Pitcher so you can bring it in a picnic without risk of spilling the liquid while transporting. Share the drinks using eco-friendly Stainless Steel Cups.


You can prep your picnic meals or snacks the night before if you want, but these fall picnic food ideas won’t take much of your time in preparing even a few hours before you go. Get your prepped foods, picnic baskets, picnic table, and blankets ready for a cool, tasty, and fresh outdoor picnic this fall season.