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The Delicious Destinations for Culinary Travel Bloggers

Some people travel the world to experience other cultures and see the world’s majestic sights, but then there are some who endure the long, cramped plane rides and tiresome layovers for the chance to experience the best culinary treats the world has to offer.

In truth, culinary travel is as varied as the world’s cuisines are.  So, there are people who focus on enjoying the sumptuous treats and delicious wines.  There are some who focus on learning how to create these treats.  You can go on the trip on your own, or you can choose to go with a group of like-minded individuals.

There are so many things to explore when you go on a culinary trip.  You can opt to go down-and-dirty, or you can choose to go on all-white tablecloths vacation.  You can’t run out of choices when the whole world is your oyster.  But if you are actually planning to go on a food adventure, why not go to these places first:


India offers one of the world’s best exciting cuisines.  If you are planning to go to India, you might as well try to go to the fascinating culinary tours through Southern India.  You can explore spice plantations.  Get on houseboats.  Visit the kitchens of local cuisine experts and feast on fresh seafood with coconut dishes.

You will find companies offering guided tours to this area.  The cultural adventure coupled with cooking classes can last up to 12 days.  Prices for this kind of tour range from $2,500 to $3,000 depending on the length of the trip.  Although you can travel all year round, the best months to visit is October through March.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy has so much to offer, but when it comes to mouthwatering Italian dishes, Tuscany is the place to be.  You will find villas, vineyards, wines and truffles.  This is one of the best locations in the world for a culinary tour.  During the entire time you stay in this beautiful place, you will eat, drink and absorb Italy.

Go on a truffle hunt, experience a chef’s tasting dinner, and enjoy learning Italian dishes from a cooking class.  The best time to visit is between April and October.

Hudson Valley, New York

Combine some major sightseeing with cooking classes that are taught by esteemed local chefs.  You can choose to attend a single class or several classes. Satisfy your palate with many of Hudson Valley's culinary tours. There are U-Pick farms, wine festivals, agricultural fairs, tastings, farmer's markets, farm-to-table dinners, and so much more.

Visit the places where food is grown and cultivated in New York.  The best month to visit the Hudson Valley is July.


If you’d like to experience a real barbecue treat, you should visit Unadilla, Georgia where BBQ lovers unite to enjoy the city’s culinary treat.  You can visit Jack's Old South Cooking School where you could learn how to barbecue ribs, chicken, brisket, pork and more correctly.  The class is taught by the legendary chef Myron Mixon.

Merida, Mexico

Explore the cultural capital of Mexico with its charming markets and sample your way through Merida’s culinary treats.  Where else can you learn how to make the perfect tortilla?  So, when you take a break from exploring UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites near Merida.  You can always visit the capital city of Yucatan all year-round.


When it comes to a great culinary experience, Spain’s Basque Country is the place to go.  The area boasts of a rich culinary history.  Currently, the chefs in the area have a reputation for being a food innovator.  A mere stroll in its markets will delight you with edible wonders.


You will enjoy meals at traditional Spanish restaurants offering sumptuous dishes.  You can also visit local wine producers and sample Spain’s wine offerings.  Learn how to make delicious tapas from local chefs.

Culinary Cruises

You don’t have to stay in one place just to enjoy its culinary niches. You can go on culinary-themed river cruises, and you can explore European-themed cruises.  There are wine appreciation cruises that you could join around the October harvest season.  If you are a beer-and-wine lover, however, you’d find beer cruises throughout the year.

There are food-themed cruises as well.  You will enjoy cooking demonstrations, food and wine pairing dinners, culinary excursions, and other similar offerings.

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