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Fireworks may be the traditional show-stopping event at most Fourth of July parties, but don't underestimate the festive 4th of July recipes and drinks you can prepare for your guests. 

Whether you're planning a picnic under fireworks or grilling in the backyard, there's definitely no shortage of cool and fun 4th of July dessert recipes. So it will only be a matter of choosing which ice cream cookie sandwich or fruit-based pie you want to serve on Independence Day. Don’t worry because we’ve done it for you. We managed to single out 10 of our favorite patriotic desserts to cap off your Fourth of July celebration. Here is our list of amazing patriotic desserts to make for the Fourth of July.



patriotic pops

Patriotic Pops

Red White and Blue Popsicles are the perfect cute, festive, sweet treat for the 4th of July. These fun and tasty treats are so cute and easy to make and they're healthy too. The recipe uses vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit, and honey to keep them fresh and light, while still being super yummy.

Photo by: Taste of Home

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chocolate covered strawberries

4th of July Chocolate Covered Strawberries

With delicious red strawberries, white chocolate, and glittering blue sugar, these strawberries are the perfect red, white, and blue snack. They're a wonderful, light alternative to cupcakes and cakes, and they're frequently the first to run out at a barbecue. They're not only entertaining and attractive, but they're also highly addictive.

Photo by: A Farmgirl’s Dabble

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flag inspired doughnut

Red, White, and Blue Donut

These American Flag Donuts are easy to make and guarantees you’ll have some fun while you make them. This recipe turns baked vanilla donuts into a patriotic dessert. Use candy melts to make the red, white, and blue on the donuts.

You can use the classic vanilla donut recipe or if you want to add more flavor, you can add lemon or almond extract to the batter.

Photo by: The First Year Blog

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4th of july cake

4th of July Cake

This red, white, and blue flag-themed cake is a festive dessert for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. This cake is made with a white cake batter and decorated with red and white striped buttercream icing, a blue chocolate ganache drip, and chocolate-covered strawberries. It's the perfect dessert for your next patriotic picnic or celebration.

Photo by: Partylicious

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4th of july fruit jello cups

4th of July Fruit & Jello Cups

These fruit and jello cups are perfect for Fourth of July celebrations, and you can quickly make a large batch to satisfy a crowd. You only need 6 ingredients to make this patriotic dessert but the best aspect is that they can be prepared ahead of time. Once the jello has set, just cover the glasses with plastic wrap. You may even make them 2 hours ahead of time.

Photo by: The First Year Blog

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panna cotta shooters

Patriotic Panna Cotta Shooters

Part panna cotta, part fruity cocktail, these mini dessert shooters are delicious. For a sparkling red, white, and blue dessert, layer rich and creamy panna cotta with grenadine syrup and zesty blue curaçao. The cake is then topped with edible confetti stars.

Photo by: Sprinkle Bakes

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firecracker cake

Firecracker Cake

With all of the bright swirls, this cake might appear to be difficult to create, but it is actually quite simple. Even the kids will enjoy helping out in the preparation.

This Firecracker Cake is a festive and enjoyable treat to serve on July 4th. It's made using a boxed cake mix, then filled with red, white, and blue swirls before being topped with icing and sprinkles.

Photo by: Kathryn's Kitchen Blog

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red white and blue bark

Red White and Blue Bark

This simple and fun no-bake bark recipe is perfect for your Fourth of July celebration. It's got bold red, white, and blue colors that will go well with your decorations. It's simple to make and is an easy addition to your dessert table.

Photo by: The Chunky Chef

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red white and blue dessert

Red, White and Blue Dessert

It's as simple as it gets. This dessert is decorated to resemble a flag making it perfect for your Fourth of July celebration. It's made from strawberries and blueberries layered with a cream mixture.

Photo by: Taste of Home

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american flag pie

Classic American Flag Pie

There's nothing quite like the classic American Pie for the Fourth of July.

This patriotic Mixed Berry Pie is a delightful Fourth of July dessert that's bursting with flavors from the strawberries and blueberries along with homemade buttery golden flaky pie crust.

Photo by: Cook with Kushi

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