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9 Unique Egg Recipes You can Serve on Easter Sunday

What's more fun than painting and hiding Easter eggs? It's discovering unique egg recipes to make and share on Easter Sunday. Get your kitchen ready and pick one or two of the fun recipes and ideas we have on the list below.

Green Omelette

Because there is no color that says "spring is here" than green, we thought this recipe by Donal Skehan needs to make our list of unique egg recipes. Spinach, chives and parsley give this unique omelette its super green color. Say, when was the last time you had a green omelette?

Egg Recipes for Easter Sunday - Super Green Omelette

Tip: With a few adjustments, you can turn this omelette to a crepe. Blitz the greens a little longer for a smoother consistency. Use a nonstick fry pan to make the crepe.

Eggs Florentine Bagel

Egg Recipes for Easter Sunday - Eggs Florentine Bagel

If you've had enough of eggs-in-a-hole, then this should be a fresh one for your eyes and your palate. Gerry Speirs' of has been gracious enough to share this nutrient-packed dish that combines proteins, fresh greens and carbs.

Crispy Eggs

Egg Recipes for Easter Sunday - Crispy Eggs

While "crispy" is not the first adjective that comes to mind when people talk about eggs, Byron Talbott's genius came up with a recipe that's perfect to serve as an entree. These crispy eggs are so good that you can eat them on their own too.

Eggs Benedict Burger

Egg Recipes for Easter Sunday - Eggs Benedict Burger

Did you skip meat during the Lenten season? Give yourself a good pat on the back by getting this recipe on the menu! Aside from hollandaise, poached eggs and bacon, this Egg Benny includes a lean ground beef patty. How about that for a "protein comeback"?

Twice Baked Potato with Egg on Top

Egg Recipes for Easter Sunday - Twice Baked Potato with Eggs on Top

"Easy to make, healthy and so tasty" that is how this egg recipe is described in the Homecooking Adventure blog. And we think so too! Most especially that the ingredients that you need for this dish could be in your kitchen right now. So if you are looking around for egg recipes to add to tomorrow's Easter Sunday lunch or dinner, definitely give this dish a go.

Rainbow Deviled Eggs

Egg Recipes for Easter Sunday - Rainbow Deviled Eggs

What is Easter Sunday without colorful eggs on the table that you will actually eat. Well, we got you covered. Check out this Rainbow Deviled Eggs recipe on Good Housekeeping that includes a separate recipe for every color in the rainbow! How cool is that?

Spicy Korean Sweet Potato Pancake

Egg Recipes - Spicy Korean Sweet Potato Pancakes

Who says pancakes are good for breakfast and brunch only? The play of the flavors and the textures in this Korean dish is incredible. Something that is as healthy and as mouthwatering should make it to the Easter Sunday table.


Shakshuka (or shakshouka) is very popular in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and in Israel. Serving this for Easter will surely be a unique experience for the family considering the origins of the dish.

Egg Recipes for Easter Sunday - Shakshuka

It is mainly made with poached eggs in a rich tomato paste with onions, lots of chili peppers and cumin that's cooked and served in a cast iron pan. For you modern homecooks, you can make your Easter shakshuka in the Cleverona Essential Nonstick Fry Pan that allows you to snap off the handle when it's time to get the dish on the table. Clever, right?

Lyonnaise Sala

Egg Recipes for Easter Sunday - Lyonnaise Salad

Of course, we cannot end this list without including at least one salad. And we do not mean your usual "egg salad" that uses hard-boiled eggs. This salad uses frisee lettuce, vinaigrette, bacon (or your choice of protein) and poached eggs. The frisee has a bold flavor that goes so well with vinaigrette and the creamy texture of poached eggs. Sounds delightful, right?

So have you picked your choice among the egg recipes on the list above? If a getting down on one or two picks is a challenge, why not try and fit as many of these into your Easter Sunday menu? Happy Easter!