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8 Tasty Leftover Turkey Dishes To Make

Thanksgiving’s over and you still have an abundance of leftover turkey in the fridge. Leftovers that are usually kept and properly stored in the refrigerator are still good to consume for at least three to four days. What to do, what to do with them all? You’re thinking it right, turn them into delicious recipes that you and your family will love from breakfast to dinner, probably until the next day! It brings a different flavor to a common holiday dish, plus it’s cost-efficient.

Here are 8 tasty leftover turkey dishes to make for all of you to enjoy even after Thanksgiving Day.


Grilled Turkey Sandwich

grilled turkey sandwich

One of the simplest but also the tastiest contender in recycling your leftover turkey is by making sandwiches. A freshly made, crunchy, warm Grilled Turkey Sandwich continues on the holiday feast and makes you feel cozy. This grilled delicious perfection can be eaten as a snack or a lazy lunch if all of you are not that hungry from a huge meal from the last night.


Turkey Casserole

turkey casserole

One of the best casseroles you should make even after Thanksgiving is a Turkey Casserole. A classic recipe filled with veggies, meat, cheese, and buttery crumb top that’s appealing and addicting to eat will make wonders to your post-holiday table. You can use our 11-inch Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid in cooking a perfect casserole.


Four Cheese Turkey Pasta

four cheese turkey pasta by Taste of Home

Most of us love pasta, and since there’s still a bunch of leftover turkeys, then it’s safe to assume you’ll use them as the main ingredient. A Four Cheese Turkey Pasta is a tasty, filling, comforting, and super cheesy upgrade to your pasta dish. The whole family can’t wait to try this amazing recipe.


Classic Turkey Pot Pie

classic turkey pot pie

This easy to make Classic Turkey Pot Pie will sing everyone’s heart out in disbelief that a leftover dish can still make a flavorful recipe. This hearty combination of veggies, meat, and cream will make your family’s day. Prep and cut your turkey pot pie ingredients in our Extra Large Premium Cutting Board.


Turkey Enchiladas

turkey enchiladas

Spice up your leftover turkey dish with the mouthwatering baked Turkey Enchiladas. It is a post-Thanksgiving pride that’s full of flavor and spices that you would definitely want to have another plate of.


Turkey Chili

turkey chilis

Chilis are a flavorful remedy to most of the recycled dishes you want to have a different kickoff. Turkey Chili is one of those that you can rely on, which is also quite perfect especially for the coming winter. You can cook this chili in a Premium Nonstick Saucepan.


Turkey Taco Pizza

turkey taco pizza by Hello Fresh

You don’t need to call for pizza delivery because by putting in some effort and love, you can make a tasty combo of a Turkey Taco Pizza. If you want something different other than sandwiches, then this pizza plus tacos in one is your best option. Bake your leftover turkey and fill it with the usual pizza and Mexican flavored ingredients with lots of cheese that you and your kids will enjoy.


Homemade Turkey Soup

homemade turkey soup

The air is getting colder, so what better food to eat than a bowl of delicious, warm soup. A Homemade Turkey Soup will fill your belly and soul with its heartwarming flavor. It will definitely capture you, leave your worries away, and make you feel better with every spoonful of this soup. Don’t forget to cook this soup in our 3-Quart Nonstick Saucepan with Lid.


Make the next day or three tastier and fulfilling for the whole gang. Turn your leftover turkey to the next level, mouth-watering dishes with these amazing recipes.


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Four Cheese Turkey Pasta by Taste of Home

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