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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Kit Graham of The Kittchen

Kit Graham is a Chicago based blogger, freelance writer, social media consultant, and a co-founder of the Windy City Blogger Collective. She is the author of The Kittchen, a site where she shares recipes, restaurant reviews, and travel adventures.  Kit's work has been featured on Better Homes & Gardens, MSN, The Everygirl, Refinery 29, Women's Health, and dozens of other online publications. 

In 2013, Kit wrote her first cookbook, The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cookbook, which is an ode to her favorite meal from childhood.

Originally from Maine, Kit moved to Chicago seven years ago and can be found exploring the city's constantly evolving culinary landscape.

1. The Kittchen, your awesome blog covers fun topics ranging from restaurants, events to travel and recipes. What are your absolute favorite categories or topics to write about?

I really love covering travel and events and bringing those experiences to my readers. I want to provide people a peek inside a new place, and to hopefully inspire them to explore the world themselves.

2. Your site has been around and thriving for 5 years and counting. What are some of the major factors has contributed to the success and long staying power of the site?

Determination. It look years for The Kittchen to get to the point where it was my job. I focused on improving my skills and my site until I could make it my job. My husband was hugely supportive, since The Kittchen was his idea, and I think he is the reason I kept going.

3. You have a very unique cook book of one of my favorite foods called The Gourmet Grilled Cheese cook book. Can you tell us a little bit about that and how that came about?

I just really love grilled cheese and I became determined to self publish a cookbook about it. It was an absolutely massive amount of work, but such a rewarding experience.

4. Being passionate about travel and food, what are some items, whether it be cookware or travel gear that has had the most impact in your life as a cook and travel enthusiast?

My iPhone really makes it possible for me to share my experiences with my readers, it's a game changer. I shoot most blog photos with a Canon Rebel, and I use Minted Home accessories and Waverly fabrics for styling photos.

When it comes to travel, I love a nice big purse that can fit my DSLR and some extra lenses. I also bring a portable iPhone charger with me.

5. In terms of travel or events, what are you looking forward to for the rest of 2016 and beyond?

My niece is going to be born soon, and my husband and I are going to be visiting to London to meet her, and we are stopping in Iceland on the way. I am really excited for that. I always love summers in Chicago, and Lollapalooza too. Oh, and my sister and I just booked a trip to Costa Rica in May. I might even sneak in a trip to Italy. I don't believe in over-planning, so I am not sure of my plans for the rest of 2016, but it's been a great year so far!


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