16 oz Swing Top Bottles with Ceramic Cap - 6 Pack, Clear

✔ HIGH QUALITY BOTTLES - Come in pack of 6 heavy duty glass bottles to ensure many batches of beer, kombucha, soda, condiments, sauces and whatever else you decide to store. 

✔ CERAM-SEAL CERAMIC CAPS - No cheap plastic caps - Secure Swing bottles include 100% ceramic caps which unlike plastic caps won't leak potentially harmful chemicals or tastes into your beverages

✔ AIRTIGHT FOR MAX CARBONATION - Each ceramic cap features a full thick silicone gaskets which reduces area for any potential leaks to occur providing maximum seal

✔ EASY TO USE & CLEAN - Bottles are easy to open and close. Just flip the top onto the bottle and your liquids are secured-no need to buy bottle caps! Bottles and Ceram-Seal Caps are both dishwasher-safe

CHOOSE A DIFFERENT COLOR - This also comes in a 6-pack Amber color option

Preserve the taste and securely store your homemade brews with our high quality Secure Swing 16 oz Beer Bottles

Whether you're brewing for everyday personal use, as a special holiday treat or a gift, it's not enough that you place your home brews in just any glass bottle-it has to be in a durable, stylish and easy-to-open Secure Swing 16 oz Beer Bottle!


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Swing Top Bottles With Ceramic Caps
$ 25.99

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