Pratico Kitchen Replacement Silicone Gasket for LargePour, QuickPour, and SnapPour Pitcher

Make Your Pitchers Spill and Leak-Free With Silicone Gasket Seals


Enjoy your refreshing cold and hot drinks stored in a pitcher without the hassle of spillage and leakage and ensure convenient maximum inner coverage airtight seal with these premium Pratico Kitchen Silicone Gasket Seal for Pitchers.

✔ MAKE YOUR PITCHERS AIRTIGHT - Silicone gasket seal is an important part of your pitcher to make it spill and leak-proof, whether you place it upright or on its side.

✔ REPLACEMENT SEAL - Designed to fit your old, gasket-less QuickPour, SnapPour, and LargePour pitchers from Pratico Kitchen. Make your old pitchers airtight once again. 

✔ EASY TO CLEAN - These silicone gasket seals are easily removable for thorough cleaning.


Lids are sold separately.

Other similar type pitcher caps may not fit. If your caps are not from Pratico Kitchen, please contact us before placing an order.


Grab these Silicone Gasket Seal for Pitchers (1-Pack) and make your pitchers spill- and leak-proof now!


$ 5.99