Pratico Kitchen Large Ice Tray, 4 Big 2.25 inch Ice Cubes for Whiskey and Cocktails, 1 Pack with Lid

Cocktails, whiskey, scotch – they’re perfect with ice, but only if the ice doesn’t melt fast. Traditional ice cubes are small. You will need lots of small cubes to keep your drinks cold. Unfortunately, more cubes means they melt and dilute your drinks faster. With the PratiCube ice mold, you can make larger ice cubes that can last up to 4 hours! Having one larger ice cube rather than several small ice cubes means your drink stays cooler longer without being watered down. Treat yourself and your drink better. Grab the PratiCube Ice Tray with Lid now and enjoy your drinks nice and cool!

Features & Details

  • PratiCube's custom ice cube tray mold makes 4 extra large ice cubes
  • Each ice cube measures 2.25 inches (most ice cube trays top out at 2 inches)
  • Extra large slow-melting ice cubes cool your drinks longer without over diluting them
  • Made from durable and FDA-approved, BPA-free, food grade silicone
  • Anti-spill ice tray cover helps prevent unpleasant odor or unwanted taste from food in the refrigerator
  • Ice tray lid keeps ice fresh and allows you to easily stack multiple trays
  • Easy ice removal – easily push ice cubes out from the bottom of the tray; no need to bend or twist
  • Use it for all kinds of cubes like frozen juice or coffee, fruit or tea cubes, chocolate popsicles and so much more!
  • Dishwasher or manual cleaning


  • The tray will not make completely flat cubes as the bottom portion is slightly beveled
  • Actual size could vary depending on the amount of water added
  • If you experience any difficulty removing the large ice cubes from the mold, run water quickly over both sides of the tray to help break the seal that's keeping the cubes stuck to the tray. Then flex and push out the ice from the bottom.

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Praticube 2.25 Ice Cube Tray
$ 11.95

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