Pratico Kitchen SnapPour Water, Juice, and Beverage Airtight Pitcher, Made in Japan, 2.3 qt, 73 oz, White

A Superior and Innovative Pitcher For Your All-Season Drinks

The Pratico Kitchen’s SnapPour Medium 2.3 Quarts Pitcher (White) is one of the best pitchers you can own. Its unique, innovative, and airtight design allows you to easily grab it from the fridge, open, pour, close and put it back single-handedly without spills and leaks. No more awkward twist to open and close cover like you do with the other pitchers.


TOP-NOTCH JAPANESE-MADE QUALITY - Unlike 99% of the pitchers out there that are cheaply made elsewhere, the SnapPour is made in Japan under the strictest quality standards.

PLENTY OF ROOM - Holds 2.3 Quarts (over 8 servings) of water, juice, iced tea, coffee, milk, as well as large ice cubes, fruit slices, and more. Larger than your typical 64 oz. pitcher. 

LEAK AND SPILL-PROOF - It is airtight to ensure no leaks even when pitcher is stored on its side, and no mess when pouring.

HEAT-RESISTANCE - Made from advanced heat resistant BPA-Free SAN plastic that can handle boiling water or other high temperature liquids poured directly inside without breaking it.

SINGLE-HANDED USE - The innovative design of your SnapPour pitcher just lets you simply push the handle button, slide cover down to open and pour, then securely close back up using only one hand.

✔ EASY SQUEAKY CLEAN - Easy and quick hand cleaning because of its removable lid parts and wide body opening. Also dishwasher safe.


**Do not place it in the freezer or microwave.


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