FusePour Pitcher with Coffee and Tea Infuser - Small

✔ HOLDS MORE LIQUID - The FusePour pitcher with cold brew infuser holds 1.6 quarts (over 6 servings) of water, hot or cold brew coffee or tea, fruit juice, lemonade, soda, and even your favorite flavor-infused water. This is the perfect pitcher for long-term storage of your hot or cold drinks. Get the freshest juice from fruits and veggies by placing slices into the infuser. Larger than your typical 50 oz pitcher to store your favorite beverages; you can now enjoy a glass of cold drink anytime!

✔ MAKE YOUR OWN COLD BREW OR INFUSION - Make your own cold brew coffee at home - the fine mesh filter has smaller gaps to make sure coffee grinds don't leak out. Use coarse or fine ground coffee without worries.Or if you’re a tea lover and really want the good stuff, then go for the loose leaf using this tea infuser pitcher. Perfect for organic green tea, oolong, chai, chamomile, hibiscus, black, white, and ginger tea.

✔ EXCELLENT QUALITY - This 1.6 quart cold brew tea infuser pitcher is made from advanced heat resistant BPA-Free SAN plastic that allows you to safely pour boiling water or other high temperature liquids directly inside. It's perfect for hot or cold drinks, and dishwasher-safe. Designed with a unique one-touch slide opening and easy open-close mechanism for one hand operation. Its flat and slim design makes this pitcher easy to store anywhere - on its side or upright without leaking.

✔ REMOVABLE PARTS FOR EASY CLEANING - Clean by hand or using the dishwasher, absolutely stress-free! All parts are removable, so you can ensure thorough cleaning. The pitcher, infuser, and lid top are all dishwasher safe.You can use warm soapy water and rinse. Or place them in the dishwasher and cycle away! Just make sure to remove them right after 1 cycle is finished. If you frequently make tea or juices, or any colored drinks, use a bottle brush or sponge to easily scrub stain away.

✔ JAPAN MADE - Unlike 99% of the pitchers out there that are made in China, the FusePour Pitcher is made in Japan under the strictest quality standards. FDA-Approved, BPA-free, Lead-free, and Phthalate-free.

✔ UNIQUE ELEGANT DESIGN - The top cover and filter tube are in white. Easy open-close mechanism for one hand operation. The body of this cold brew pitcher is made of clear see-through BPA-free SAN plastic material; you can see the contents of your beverage and check how much liquid is left.

✔ STORE UPRIGHT OR ON ITS SIDE - Don’t worry about fridge space! This cold brew FusePour pitcher can be stored either upright or on its side. Not a lot of iced tea and fruit infuser pitchers can do that! The airtight, leak-proof lid prevents leaks and mess, even when stored sideways. Designed with ergonomic handle and perfect pour spout for easy pouring.

✔ EASY BEVERAGE PREPARATION - Create all your favorite hot or cold drinks using this 1.6 quarts infuser pitcher. It is thermo resistant to high and low temperatures. Removable infuser allows for cold brew coffee, tea, fruit-infused water and more. Fine mesh screen keeps loose tea and coffee grounds inside without leaking.You can place it in the fridge for your cold drinks or pour in hot water to make your favorite tea. Note: we do not recommend placing the pitcher in the freezer or microwave.

✔ EASY MAINTENANCE - Wide body opening makes for easy and thorough cleaning.The lid, infuser tube, and top cover are all removable making it easy to clean. Using a good brush and cleaner should remove any accumulated stains. You can place it in the dishwasher, or hand-wash it stress free!

✔ CONVENIENT CAPACITY - Use this 1.6 quarts flavor infuser pitcher to infuse fresh fruits, veggies, spices, herbs and lend tasteful flavors to water, tea, punch, and more. Create a multitude of beverage options from cucumber lime drinks to blueberry iced tea, to sangria and more. Extremely convenient for everyday use.

Get your own FusePour Cold Brew and Tea Infuser Pitcher now and explore and enjoy more healthy beverage options!

$ 26.99