Pratico Kitchen Replacement Spout Lid for LargePour Pitcher, Black

Need A Replacement for Your Pitcher’s Spout Lid? We Got Your Back!

Don’t let your pitchers go to waste just because of a damaged spout lid! You can save them and get to enjoy your refreshing cold and hot drinks stored in your favorite LargePour Airtight Pitcher once again. Simply replace your old spout lid with our premium Pratico Kitchen Spout Lid for LargePour Pitcher.

REPLACEMENT SPOUT LID FOR PRATICO KITCHEN'S LARGEPOUR AIRTIGHT PITCHER BLACK - This serves as a replacement spout lid for old or damaged spout lid intended for LargePour Airtight Pitcher in black color from Pratico Kitchen. Other pitchers may not fit. 

NOTE: Pitcher and pitcher top cap are sold separately.

✔ SUPERIOR QUALITY - Made in Japan with strict quality standards so you can be sure it is durable and will last for a long period of time.

✔ LEAK AND SPILL-PROOF - This spout lid will help ensure that there will be no leaks and messy spills coming from your pitcher, whether you store it vertically or horizontally.

✔ CONVENIENT TO USE - An essential part to make the time-saving pouring system of our LargePour Airtight Pitcher possible. Just open and close it with just one hand. No twisting and turning needed.

✔ EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN - This particular part is made removable so you can do some through cleaning with ease.


$ 4.99