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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Tiffany Bendayan of Living Sweet Moments

Tiffany Bendayan is the force behind the blog Living Sweet Moments, a blog she created to showcase her delicious recipes, travels, tips, and thoughts.  Growing up in a family of talented home cooks, she grew up fascinated with food and cooking.

It is not surprising that she pursued a degree in Culinary Arts, and she has one from Le Cordon Blue in Miami.  She also has a Baking Degree from IEPAN in Venezuela.

If you think that should have been enough for this talented and exceptional cook, she also pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.


1. How was it like living in Venezuela?  When and why did you decide to move to Miami?

Living in Venezuela was great! It's a country with perfect weather and vegetation. We loved going to the beach on weekends and spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, due to the political situation, I had to leave and seek a better life in Miami.

2. What was your Grandma's favorite dish to cook? Do you have your own version of it? If not, what is your best Venezuelan recipe?

Tiffany Bendayan with grandma

My grandma is originally from Romania. She's a holocaust survivor who came to Venezuela in the early 50's after political turmoil. She cooks mostly Eastern European foods and I grew up eating her all amazing concoctions.

Just last night I made her version of Beef Stroganoff which turned out amazing. My version of her dishes are a bit simplified than hers.  But when it comes to Venezuelan food, my favorite Venezuelan recipe has definitely got to be the Plantain Casserole.

Plantain Casserole

3. With both a culinary degree and baking degree, what do you enjoy making most - sweets or savory? Why?

living sweet moments recipes

My passion is baking. Making bread from scratch involves a little bit of chemistry and a little bit of magic. Seeing how they rise and develop deep flavors never seize to amaze me. Imagine 4 simple ingredients such as flour, water, salt and yeast and become into a beautiful loaf of bread. I find it more appealing than baking a chicken.

4. What are you culinary plans in the near future? Have you considered putting up your own restaurant or writing a cookbook?

For now, I am working on growing my food blog and hoping for a cookbook deal in the future. I would also love to create more food video tutorials on YouTube.

5. What is the best dessert or savory dish you've created by accident?

peanut butter cookies

I was making peanut butter cookies once and I forgot to add in the brown sugar which is supposed to add a nice chewy texture to my cookie. They turned out delicious and crunchy and I ever thought and it became my featured recipe.


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